Festival of Lights!!!!!!

This week has been SO busy with the Festival of Lights!!!! The Festival of Lights is a really exciting event at the Visitors' Center where we have A TON of Christmas lights up outside by the visitors center and the temple!!! Then inside the visitors center we have over 80 Nativities from 70 different countries!! It is so much fun! SOOO many people come each night!!! I think I've talked to 72818381829191 different people from 3829382 different countries;) haha!! To start out the Festival of Lights we had the ambassador and diplomat night where all the top notch dudes from all over the world and in the embassies came in. The program ran really smoothly!! It was a lot of fun!!

Haha funny story... So one day this week we all had to be at the Visitors' Center all day to help set up and such and so our roommates drove with us... And at the end of the night we left them at the Visitors' Center!!!!!!:O  It was such a long day we completely forgot!!!!!! Sooooooo they were stranded for a little bit but we came to their rescue! ;)

Yesterday we had Marvin Gomez's baptism!! He has been the best investigator ever!! The baptism was so sweet and ran so smoothly!! He is so golden!! He is such a jokester!! Haha he asked a sister to confirm him... haha! I guess we didn't do a very good job teaching him about the priesthood ;) haha just kidding and he was kidding lol!!
Missionaries are in charge of filling up the font... Ya we got drenched but hey it's okay we needed a shower anyway. ;)

Victor came to church and to Marvin's baptism!! He is progressing so much!! We taught him the Plan of Salvation and he really liked that lesson. I know we lived in heaven a long time ago before we came down to earth and I know that we are here to be tested and to prepare to return to meet God. We ALL have a plan and purpose here on earth. God has given us a way to return back to Him because He loves us so much!!
No test or trial is easy. Life isn't easy and this mission is definitely not easy but through the atonement, hope, faith, repentance, baptism, and promptings from the Holy Ghost, we can progress, and we can prepare to meet God as we endure to the end. I know this to be true. I love you all and miss you tons!! Never forget our Fathers' loving hand in our life that leads, guides, and protects us.
Love, Sister Freeman :)

Sister Larson (one of my roommates) and I accidentally matched!!!! :)

Sister Parabirsing!  We were companions for one of the nights during the Festival of Lights

Sister Mickmiller

Marvin Gomez's Baptism

Gavin Britto (the Ward Mission Leader) got to baptize him!! :)

This sunset ALMOST beats Arizona's ;)

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