Megan's Homecoming Talk in Sacrament Meeting! "Trusting in the Lord!

It has been a whirlwind weekend!  Guess who showed up this morning right before church to see Megan's Homecoming talk in Sacrament Meeting?  MARISSA!!!!  She is so much fun and it was so great to see her again!  She cheered Megan up tons with her cute personality and sense of humor.  Megan gave such a beautiful talk-- the topic was trusting in the Lord-- the PERFECT subject for a recently returned missionary to talk about!  That's exactly what you learn when you serve a mission!  Cris Dilworth even came to see her and stayed for all of Sacrament Mtg. and even afterward to visit with everyone! Bill showed her the stake offices with all the missionaries currently serving in our stake and where they are serving on the map.  I hope she enjoyed it.  Bill read Brooke's slam poem about Megan and it literally made everyone cry... he shared it right after Megan gave her talk and her presented her with her mission plaque.  It was an emotional, good time!  It was a happy Sunday!  We had EVERYONE over after for a big family dinner.  Robin, Braden and Shelby, Allison, Joshua, Grandma Smith, Grandma and Grandpa Freeman, Marissa and our family were ALL here to share this family day with us!  What a beautiful day it was!!  Sweet memories...

 Cousins back together again!

 Aunt Robin!

 Aunt Allison!

I don't think Megan is comfortable with this yet...even with her favorite cousins!

 Again...some people didn't get the memo that this is a funny pose!
 Cute girls!

MISSION COMPLETE!! (or Mike Charlie!)

Today was a day filled with emotions--all sorts of them!  We were so excited and overjoyed to be able to see Megan again, but realize at the same time that it is a very bitter sweet time for her!  We know that she worked with all her heart, might, mind and strength on her mission and gave it her all.  We also know that Heavenly Father is very happy with her completed efforts and sacrifice! And we are too!  What a joy it has been to "share" her mission with her and be involved from Arizona in all the miracles, experiences and growth that Megan experienced!  It is a little sad that we don't have a missionary out from our family anymore.  We received countless blessings for the sacrifices both she and we made together to have her out on her mission.  We are so grateful for the known and unknown blessings that we received.  I tried to keep a list of even the tender mercies that were given to us just because I really wanted to be aware of all the ways that Heavenly Father would bless our family.  And He did!  Tremendously!  What a sweet experience!  There is even joy to be felt in the sadness of it being over because of her sincere effort!  It is a very tender time for Megan and our family right now. We are looking forward to a sweet relationship with her this next few months before she heads back to BYU! Oh, and Allyson Andersen and Jamie Livingstone came to the airport and took all of these AMAZING pictures!  They captured the emotion of the day so well.  What sweet friends I have!  I am grateful for them too!  The following pictures truly tell an emotional story!  After the airport we went to lunch at Olive Garden because we were all STARVED!  It tasted so good and it was so fun to enjoy a meal all together again!  After that, we went over to Grandma's house and enjoyed a little over an hour visit with her!  THEN, it was time for Megan to go see Pres. Hinton to be officially released from her mission.  That was super hard for her, I know!  I totally remember not wanting to take that tag off!  We finally made it home and enjoyed a quiet evening together!  It's good to have her back home!  What a day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!