Merry Christmas! :)

Hey everyone!!! 
This week we had transfers!!! Sister Griffin and I are staying together! YAY!! :) We had a 5 week transfer instead of 6 because Christmas is next week!! So the next transfer will be 7 weeks to make up for it!! Sister Griffin is so amazing! She always has the best insights! She is the funniest person ever! Haha, so we both have the same retainer case (like they are EXACTLY the same….) and so one night we were both brushing our teeth…. and somehow the cases got mixed up and she put in my retainers and I put in her retainers!!! It was the funniest, grossest thing ever! We had a good laugh! I guess you can say we have gotten pretty close!! :) ;) 

This week was filled with lots of great lessons, different culture experiences, and ya lots of rejections;). We had a great lesson with Victor! We taught him the Word of Wisdom and so far he has gone a week without smoking or drinking! He is doing so great! HE set his OWN tentative baptismal date for January 10th!!!!! We will see how it goes! He wants to finish the Book of Mormon before and is almost done!!! There is so much cultural diversity in DC! It is so awesome talking to so many different people!! Along with many open and kind people, we got a lot of hard, mean people this week. But that's okay, it made us stronger. Everyone has their agency to either accept or reject our message!! It's funny when people see us walking down the street… they suddenly have a phone call, look completely in another direction, or suddenly have to go another way to avoid us, haha it is SO funny! People are great! 

I heard this awesome quote about the Book of Mormon this week by Elder Holland, "No wicked man would write such a thing (The Book of Mormon) and no good man would unless commanded to by God." This is SO true! The Book of Mormon is such an incredible book!!!!! It truly is another testament of Jesus Christ! It is the word of God. We have given away SO many copies of the Book of Mormon at the Visitors' Center during Festival of Lights! It is so awesome! The Book of Mormon is truly for everyone!!!! Study and pray about it and I promise you will see blessings in your life! :) I hope you all have an amazing Christmas!!! You are all so great! Thanks for being such a huge example to me! :)
Sister Freeman 

Sister Griffin trained both Sister McArthur and I, so we are her "daughters" and she is our "mom"!

Sister McArthur

Christmas Pictures

We didn't realize that Elder Oliver photobombed us until we got home... hahaha!!!!
(note: Mom at home has no idea why the creepy fake baby is in the picture!)

It's so foggy in DC!  This is the view from our apartment window!

Here is our apartment...
we got a little crazy with the pictures!

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