Happy Easter!

Hi everyone! Happy Easter!
This Easter week was so wonderful! I am so so so grateful for our Savior and Redeemer, Jesus Christ, and for the great and atoning sacrifice that He accomplished willingly for each and every one of us.
I attached a poem about missionary work and the atonement to the end of this email. It has really impacted me! I hope each and every one of you know 100% that Jesus Christ went through what He did so we may not be alone through this mortal life. He knows you and knows what you are going through! Lean on Christ and have your foundation on Him.

Something that I am going to work harder on this transfer is doing as my mission call directs, "to serve with ALL my heart, might, mind, and strength." So this week, I tried working on the first one, serving with all my heart. As I was thinking about how to do this, I felt like it is all about having love and compassion for the people who we serve. While we were out contacting this week we decided to have a different mind set, to not just talk to people because we are supposed to, but to talk to people because we really truly do love and care for them and want them to receive the blessings we have received! I love missionary work so much! So there are A LOT of homeless people in DC asking for money and unfortunately, I often find myself thinking that they only want money for drugs. As we were riding the metro, this homeless lady went around asking everyone for money. After she made her rounds, she went and sat down. Right as thoughts of her only wanting money for drugs came to mind, I had this prompting to go talk with her. Her name is Marnie and as I was talking with her and hearing her story, I learned an important lesson to never judge someone. We NEVER know what people are going through! It reminded me that Christ always loved everyone and never judged ever! He reached out to everyone regardless of their situation. Christ set the perfect example of loving and serving others with all His heart. The best way to serve with all our heart, is to follow this perfect example Christ set and to never judge.

We gave a youth tour this week! That was such a neat experience!! The youth are so incredible! I really liked what the stake president said to us, "The youth are our greatest and biggest investigators." This is so true! I miss being in the youth program! They have such wonderful leaders that really truly care about them. There is this talk I really like called His Grace is Sufficient and it says, "Your parents are pulling for you, your leaders are pulling for you, and Christ is pulling with you." This is so powerful! Christ is always there for us.

I just wanted to end by sharing what our mission mom shared with us, "At this point of the season, we look around and are more amazed every year that it is happening again. The seemingly dead world of nature is reviving. “What once was dead is now alive.” It is a resurrection!
When we witness it in the world of nature all around us, a world we can see and touch and smell, it makes it so much easier to believe that there was a literal resurrection of our Savior – at this same time of year, in fact. It makes the promise believable that there will be an actual resurrection of our own bodies, which will come back to life and bloom with fresh vigor just as the environment springs back to life after the dead of winter. Alongside resurrection is the promise of repentance – the invitation to “change” and evolve into a new transformed soul. Every time we recognize the need to change and we acknowledge our dependency on God and we embrace the transformation that He wants to impart on us, we are “springing” into a new season of our mortal progression. We are like the determined daffodils and the hearty pansies. We are as alive and vibrant as the fluorescent forsythia. So let us rejoice in this season of change and be as cheerful as the cherry blossoms while we spread the joyful message!" (Sister Cooke). I loved the parallel she made to nature and our lives!
I hope you all have a great week!
Love, Sister Freeman

We had a sisters run today to the Jefferson memorial!
(Sisters' Annual Cherry Blossom Run/Walk)

It is so beautiful with all the cherry blossoms!

The poem I was talking about in my letter! 

It talks about missionary work and the atonement.

Megan's Easter Package!

The best part of this package was the family picture book I made for Megan.  I told her it was to use in discussions about Eternal Families or the Plan of Salvation.  It was just a small book, but it was packed with fun pictures...I hope it doesn't make her homesick!  I also sent her a framed water color print of the Garden of Gethsemane that says "He is Risen".  I purchased this when I was there in Jerusalem last fall.  There was a little gift shop on the premises of the Garden of Gethsemane run by the Christian church that keeps the grounds maintained there.  It was such a fun gift shop and I got some neat things there.  For Easter, all the girls are receiving this picture framed for their rooms.  It is extra special because of where I got it! :)  Each family member wrote her a nice Easter letter and I sent her a couple more of the letters that people wrote to her at her farewell party.

I had to send candy too!  Her favorite is Cadbury Eggs, of course!

By the end of her mission, I will have spent a small fortune mailing these packages!! 

Five Months! :)

Hey everyone!
This week was very eventful! We received a lot of exciting news! For the annual Cherry Blossom Festival this year, the missionaries from the Washington, D.C. North mission get to be ushers for the parade!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are so excited! It will be a great service opportunity!:)  Keep an eye out for our mission on TV!;) We received news for transfers next week aaaannnnnndddd Sister Wilson and I are staying for another transfer in DC 2nd YSA ward!! Yay!!!

So as I was thinking about this last transfer on ways I was able to grow and learn, I realized that we taught A LOT of people who were either atheist, didn't know that God loved them, didn't know Jesus Christ, or just had hard feelings towards God and Jesus. And I am SO grateful for the opportunity I had to be able to teach them because it has helped me strengthen my testimony on the fact that we do have a loving Heavenly Father who love us more than we can comprehend. My testimony on Jesus Christ and his selfless atonement has grown immensely as I was able to testify to the people we taught. There is so much hope in this gospel of Jesus Christ. A sweet man came into the visitors center yesterday and asked us what we most hoped for. As we were thinking about our answer, we realized that we can hope for things because of Jesus Christ! He is our Mediator and Savior! I am so grateful to be able to meet people every day who are so ready to make their hopes reality! The best way to strengthen your knowledge is to testify!

This week has been a little bit more on the harder side...but this quote stuck with me every day, "Studying gives us strength to endure to the end." (Preach My Gospel)  I love this quote because studying definitely gives us strength to endure the trials in life! I am so glad we get 2 hours a day as missionaries to study and to expand our knowledge! Pray for the Holy Ghost to help you learn!

One of my sweet amazing cousins requested that I give you a challenge each week, so here is the challenge for this week: Find the person God needs you to be! Have a great week! I love you all!
Sister Freeman :)

We went contacting in the city with the Chevy Chase sisters! 
Me with Sister Wilson.

The temple with really cool clouds around it!

This MADE My Day!! (Mom)

What a fun surprise today!  I got my first random text message from a total stranger who met Megan at the Visitors Center.  She asked if she could take a picture with Megan and then send it to her Mom. What a sweet and thoughtful girl!!  I asked Megan her name and where she's from, but she didn't know.  (She talks to so many people every day, I knew it was a long shot asking...)  So between the Flakes texting a picture to this girl texting a picture... it has been a great week full of wonderful surprises and sweet people thinking of others.  There are GOOD people in this world!  And Heavenly Father is constantly ready to bless through these small and simple things!  Megan's mission has truly been a delightful blessing to me and our family!

By the way...I love the picture of the Savior in the background on the 
Sea of Galilee when He calmed the troubled waters!  This story in the 
New Testament is particularly important to me right now and is
becoming one of my favorite stories from the life of our Savior!!

Great Week!:)

This week was SO amazingly unexpected!!
We were contacting at Georgetown University and ran into this guy named Felix! He said that his battle buddy in war was Mormon and that he left a huge impression on him! I have such a strong testimony about being an example to others! That is one of the biggest ways we can be a missionary, by being an example! An example goes a long way!:) We got to have a lesson with him a few days later and he said he felt very at peace with everything. We had a member come with us and found out that they both speak Russian! Haha, no coincidence!:) I am so excited to see what happens!
Shortly after Felix's lesson, we were riding home on the metro and we met this guy named Brian and we were having a good discussion with him when all the sudden this guy walks onto the metro and starts making fun of us and saying things like, "You call yourselves a church?" or "What the heck are you guys wearing?", and then a lady in front of him turns around slaps him and says, "You're an idiot you know that?" Haha it was so funny. Then Brian (the one we were talking to before the guy walked on) said, "Yeah man what are you trying to do here?" The rest of the metro also had our backs and were yelling at the guy! It was so awesome! This experience reminded me that we are never alone! Someone always has our back, even when you think you are completely alone! More importantly, Christ always has our backs and understands everything we are going through!

Funny story: One day we went to Gallaudet University to contact and we finally get there and we try talking to people but they all look at us like we are aliens... Later we see EVERYONE is doing sign language to each other... And we find out it was a DEAF university!! Haha awkward!
It was so funny!  It was good to know that people weren't intentionally ignoring us! We had a good laugh about that!

So this week I came to the conclusion that Hispanic people are the NICEST people ever to live! We were tracting one day and getting a lot of doors slammed in our faces.... Until we got to this sweet Hispanic lady's house! She very nicely demanded us to come in and she made us eat some food and talk with her! She was so nice!! Unfortunately we have to pass her to other missionaries because we can only teach young adults because that's the area we are in. BUT while we were there, her son Jon walked in and is interested in learning more!
It was so awesome!:) He is YSA aged! Yay!

To end this amazing week, I got to see Brother and Sister Flake from my home ward in Arizona! It was so amazing! They came into the visitors center and said hi! It was such a nice surprise! They are SO incredible and I am so glad I got to see them!

I just want to leave you all with this scripture that I really like. It is in Jacob 3:1, "But behold, I, Jacob, would speak unto you that are pure in heart. Look unto God with firmness of mind, and pray unto him with exceeding faith, and he will console you in your afflictions, and he will plead your cause, and send down justice upon those who seek your destruction." I love you all! Strive to have a pure heart and always pray and have faith!
Sister Freeman

All the sisters got to go to the temple!:) 

The pizza box told us how to hold the pizza box..... Hahaha! 

Brother and Sister Flake from Arizona came and said hi while they were in DC!:) 

It was Sister Buhlers birthday today!:)

 Maryland is SO BEAUTIFUL!

Georgetown University!

Anyone know which movie these stairs are from??;)

What a FUN Surprise!!

I had just finished writing my weekly letter to Megan this Sunday afternoon and I heard the "ping" of my phone saying that I had just received a text message.  Well, it was from Linda Flake who just happened to be at the Washington DC Temple Visitor's Center where she just happened to see MEGAN!!  This so made my day!  (And made me a little teeny tiny bit jealous, I have to admit!)  I was just thinking about how I really wanted to just give Megan a hug and tell her I love her, and Linda texted me and told me that she'd just given Megan a hug "from her Mom" and Matt had given her a big chocolate candy bar.  The Flake's are so awesome!  What a sweet tender mercy from Heavenly Father today!!

Here is the picture Linda texted to me!  Looks like it was a cold and rainy day!!  

Another picture from Facebook!! I LOVE IT!!!!

I found this picture of Megan in a Family History Training in the Rockville Zone in DC.  (I got this information from the person who posted it.)  I love my missionary so much!!  What a fun treat today! And what a surprise...  I always check the mission fb page, but don't very often find pictures and information about her!  Sister missionaries ROCK and I love the Washington DC North Mission! She is having such great experiences!!  This was just such a wonderful surprise and TREAT today!

Funny Letter from Megan to Her Siblings

This was just too funny not to put in Megan's blog!  I love her sense of humor.  I'm sure we will see some improvement in this area in the very near future, *cough* Brooke and Katelyn!!

Hello Everyone!

Hey family and friends! I hope you all had a great week!

We got to meet this really neat family this week while we were out contacting! As we were talking with them, they told us how they had a house fire a couple years ago and lost 5 kids in it! Isn't that the saddest thing ever!? We were able to share our testimonies that we can be with our families forever and that we will see our lost ones again!! The mom definitely had so much faith. As she spoke to us I could feel Heavenly Father's love for her and her family so much! They were one of the strongest families I have ever met! :) I love this work so much!!:) I know with all my heart that families truly are ordained of God and that we can be with them throughout the eternities!

We are teaching this guy named Carlos! He is atheist, but has a strong desire to believe in God and Jesus Christ! It is so cool to teach him and see him grow little by little. The atonement of Jesus Christ can help everyone and anyone change! It is so cool to be able to see the hand of God bless his life as he has that real intent to want to believe in God! There is this quote that I really like that we were able to share with him, "Things come little by little until we are humble enough to hear fully what God has to tell us." That is so true! Spiritual light rarely comes to those who merely sit in darkness. It takes an act of faith for us to open our eyes to the light of Jesus Christ! I know Gods light is real and that He will ALWAYS be there for us if we let Him into our lives and have a broken heart and a contrite spirit. No matter what, His hands are stretched out still waiting for us to come unto Him. I know that as we show our faith and act on it, we will be able to accomplish amazing things.

Something that I have been trying to do each night before I go to bed is write in my journal how I have seen the hand of God reaching out to touch my life. This has been so cool to do because it helps me to see everything that God has done for me! Choose to believe that God loves you deeply. I love you all!
Sister Freeman

We saw this cool little red bird before we started our lesson with Carlos! 
(Mom: I think this is a Cardinal.)

This was my team for our zone activity today! We played Minute To Win It! 
Elder Vamulen was the only Elder on our team. He wasn't bitter haha!!

 It randomly snowed this week!! It snowed over night and was all gone by the afternoon! 
The weather is so crazy here!
(Mom: I see the Temple spires peeking over those trees!!)