Thanksgiving Pictures Sent From April!! Thank You Thank You!!!

I received 2 pictures and 2 videos from April, a member in Bethesda, who had Megan and her companion over a couple of times this week-- once on Thanksgiving and the other on today!  So fun to get these pictures!!!

 Megan and her companion helped April with her Thanksgiving dinner today! (11/24/16)
Here's what April said: "Had the help of these two sweet sisters today!  They've been such blessings! They miss you and love you! Send pictures back :)" 
I did send some back but they had already left her house by the time I saw the text message...
Here's a picture from today-- 11/26/16. Here's what April said: "Got a nice little visit from these two tonight. They've spent the day serving non-members. Love them!"

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