A Missionary Sunday!

We got a text with a picture and video of Megan at a member named April's house today!  It was so fun to "see" her in the video and to get a picture of her!  There are such good people in this world!  Then later, our Elders stopped by at our house to tell us they are getting transferred!  This was kind of sad as we've really gotten to know them well and have enjoyed having them over for dinners and lessons.  But, they also told us that replacing them will be sister missionaries!  I was so excited!  I explained to them that I love Elders and they are great and everything, but I can HUG sisters and go out with them and teach with them.  I'm really looking forward to doing this now that we will have sisters!  It will be a lot of fun!

Here's my sweet Megan arranging flowers for the table for Sunday dinner today!

Found this on fb today!  Just love this and I absolutely LOVE Elder Holland
and the beautiful way he teaches!  Even though this is a picture of Elders, it
makes me think of all the good that Megan is accomplishing in her mission out there in DC!!

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