I LOVE THE MTC!!!!!!!!!

Hey everyone!!!!!!!!
So my pdays will be on Fridays for the next three weeks!!! I just found out that I will be in the MTC for three weeks instead of two because I'm in a visitors center mission!!! But I am totally okay with that!! I absolutely love the MTC and my companion and my district and my zone!!! It is like EFY on steroids! It all is just great!! 
My companion is Sister Bradford, she is from Portland, Oregon. She is super fun and nice and awesome! We get a long super well.  We are both directionaly challenged... so we get way lost in this HUGE MTC all the time but it's all good its way fun! We are a lot a like! haha our zone tells us we are too  smiley ;) We just cant help ourselves! It just so great here it just makes us so happy. 
I love my district! There is only six of us! There is Sister Bradford and I, Elder Dearden and Elder Lehnig, and Elder Jenking and Elder Woods. They are like another family! We all get along super well. All the Elders are incredibly nice and treat Sister Bradford and I like little sisters... even though I'm pretty sure we are older. Our district and zone bonded really well. Everyone is so nice here! I don't think I've had to open one door:) 
I absolutely LOVE all the classes and teachers here! You feel the spirit and Gods Love so strongly! In one of my Classes, our teacher challenged us to work on a Christlike attribute for the Week! I decided to work on Faith! Faith is an incredible and very special concept to me. It makes enduring to the end a lot easier! One of the things I love about the MTC is the spirit you feel during the songs and hymns! It just empowers you and makes you want to be a better person! I am already growing so much and its only been two days!! Yesterday we learned A LOT about our purpose as missionaries. It is truly to bring others unto Christ. The most important relationship anyone can have, is the one with God and Jesus Christ. Today we learned a lot about the Doctrine of Christ! I'm running out of time, but I encourage you all to read 2 Nephi Chapter 31... it talks all about the doctrine of Christ! :) I love you all and I'll talk to you next week!
Love, Sister Freeman :) 

My companion Sister Bradford

The girls in our room...Sisters Miller, Starling and Bonita

My lovely district that I absolutely love!

The map picture!!

A note on the white board in our classroom

Sister Bradford and I

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