The Dreaded MTC Drop Off...

Here are pictures from dropping Megan off at the MTC.  It was a very emotional day!  Megan is so ready and so excited to serve a mission though.  You will see below some of our emotions from this day and the dreaded curbside drop off!  (We actually had a very sweet sister missionary who let us say our goodbyes and take some pictures who didn't rush us like I've heard so many moms say happens at this moment)

We went behind the Provo Temple and found this beautiful spot!  No one was back there!

Here we spent our last few minutes with Megan!

So hard to let her go!

Lightening up the moment!!

OK we are one step closer... we are in the car!


Me too but trying to make things happy!

Aw Megs!  We are going to miss you SOOOOO much!
I was ok until I saw her get emotional!

One last hug...

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