President Nelson Shook Our Hands!!! :D :D :D

This week was so great!!! I have officially been out for a month!! It is so awesome :) 

The Visitors' Center is such an amazing place to serve in everyday! PRESIDENT NELSON CAME INTO THE VISITORS' CENTER AND SHOOK ALL THE SISTERS HANDS!! It was so incredible! He spoke at a Stake Conference here so that's why he was in DC. The other day Sister Griffin and I gave a tour to 50 people that just spoke French... haha they had translators that translated everything that we said! It was super awesome! So far, I have met people from 8 different countries!  It is so awesome! 

This week was super great! We stayed very busy! We have 6 investigators, and 4 of them are planning on getting baptized soon! We are so happy to teach them about this gospel and helping them come closer to Jesus Christ and to Heavenly Father. So our first lesson with Victor went super well! He drew us a picture before the lesson of two doves that represented Sister Griffin and I and he said that we were the pure birds that flew to him to help him. It was super sweet. :) We have the picture up in our apartment. 

Something that I learned this week would be the importance of following Christ. I chose to follow Christ and I will bring others with me:) Elder Holland answered a common question we have, "Why isn't life easy?"  He said life was not easy for Christ, so it is not going to be easy for us. We have to feel some of the pain He felt and shed one of the tears He shed for us. We have to pay a token of that same price that Christ had to pay. When we ask ourselves why isn't this easy, we have to remember that we are not the first person to ask ourselves this... Christ was. The Atonement of Jesus Christ will carry us more than we know. The Saviors example gives us the courage to press on and to keep going. We have to be persistent in prayer and act with determination. We are standing shoulder to shoulder to Christ, so we have every reason to stand tall!!! :D Stand up for what you believe and always strive to improve through the atonement of Jesus Christ. :) 

I love you all and keep me updated with everything new in life!!! 

Sister Freeman :) 

The DC Temple is gorgeous!!

My companion Sister Griffin and I :)

We went to the city today and got a picture with our good buddy Abraham Lincoln! :D :D :D We got to see the Washington Monument and the Lincoln Memorial and all that fun stuff :)

SOOOOO My roommates and I all went to the grocery store to get our food... and our apartment is on the 17th floor... and we didn't want to have to make a ton of trips up and down... SOO we did an assembly line where we took all the groceries out of the car and put them by the elevators... THEN we took them all into the elevator... THEN we got up to the 17th floor and took them all out and pushed them to our room! haha it was genius! I would highly recommend this technique ;) We were elevator hoggers for a little bit but its okay ;)  *Note: the Diet Coke is not Megan's! :)

HAHAHAHA I think we bought the wrong tights!!!! I thought they were black and grey tights.... but they were black to grey ombre tights ahah!!!

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