Excellent Week!

Hello! I hope you all are doing so great!:) So this week we had two really neat experiences! The first one happened on Wednesday while we were out tracting. So we had some extra time so we picked a neighborhood in our area and knocked on some doors hoping someone would be interested in hearing our message about Jesus Christ! The last door we knocked on, this cute 12 year old girl named Nikki answered! She was so happy and just willing to learn! She reminded me so much of my sweet little sister, Katelyn. We asked her if she wanted to learn more about Jesus Christ and she said oh yeah absolutely with a huge smile on her face! Then her older Sister, Sydney, came to the door who was also super nice and she wanted to learn more as well! Sydney asked us if we would come back! Their parents are both out of town so we told them we would come back when their parents were back! They said their parents probably would be interested as well! It was so nice getting to teach these two girls! They were so open minded and sweet! We have to pass them to other missionaries unfortunately because they would be in a family ward not a young adult ward but I am so excited to see what happens with them! Their light and joy made my day! :)

The second experience happened on Friday! So we are teaching this guy named Brian (he is the one that we met on the metro and he stood up for us a while back) and lately he hasn't responded to our texts (which is really weird because he usually is the one to text us and schedules our appointments) so Sister Wilson and I were so confused! And then on Friday, Elder and Sister McKinley (one of the elderly couples in our mission) came up to us and said they had some news about Brian! So they tell us that he lost his phone and that a lady found his phone and called Elder McKinley (a random person in Brian's phone) and asked him if he knew Brian and so Elder McKinley said yes and emailed Brian and said he had his phone! They met up and Brian picked up his phone! Super awesome miracle! Out of all people to call, the lady called Elder McKinley! I know that nothing is a coincidence and that God's hand was in this! Brian definitely saw this as a miracle and expressed how grateful he was that we never gave  up on him!

Going to church yesterday was a great way to end this incredible week!
We learned a lot about how God and Jesus Christ love us immensely and how they are personally invested in all of our lives so I wanted to talk a little bit about that! I know that God can and will show his love for us everyday and we will feel it as we ask him to show it to us! He ALWAYS is helping us, even when it might not seem like it. He knows and values each and every one of us! We have so much to be grateful for! There was this talk about decisions yesterday at church and she said, "With every decision you make, doors will always close but God will sanctify what ever path we choose. Don't ever feel like you messed up or that nothing can't be taken back because through the atonement, God will sanctify it and make our future bright if we let him" I love this because no matter what happens in life, good or bad, there is always a way back and Christ is always there with out stretched arms towards us. I love the conference talk about how Christ always remembers us through the prints on his hands. Christ loves us so much and is always thinking about all of us! I love Moroni 7 in the Book of Mormon. It talks about faith, hope, and charity. Just like this chapter states, if you are having a hard time having faith in Christ then at least have hope that he lives, and if you are having a hard time having hope then have charity and love for others and you will be filled with the same love from God! This gospel is what makes me happy and gives me a lens for hope in all things! Remember what Jesus Christ teaches us in the New Testament, "And this is life eternal, that they might know thee the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom thou hast sent" (John 17:3). Coming to know God and Jesus Christ is a process. Little by little! It is comforting to know that we have this whole life and into the eternities to know them! Jesus Christ teaches that he leaves his peace and spirit with us! I hope you guys will all be able to feel of that same peace and spirit this week and I know as you do you will come to know God and Jesus Christ
better!:) Have a great week! I love you all!
Love, Sister Freeman

 Some of the Sisters in the Visitors' Center  :) 

Left to Right- Sister Urbina, Sister Wilson, Sister Klaass, Elder and Sister Burgeon, Sister Simpson, Sister Williams, me, Sister Gomez, and Sister Larson


We saw it twice this week! So funny!!

 Sister Parabirsing, Sister Klaass, and me!

We did secret sisters in the VC and my secret Sister got me cute 
cactus socks 'cause I'm from Arizona!!

This cute family comes to the temple every year on the day their daughter died and eats cupcakes! It is so sweet! I am so eternally grateful we have temples that make it possible for us to be with our families forever and make it possible for us to see our loved ones again! 
The family gave all the Sisters cupcakes and left a note!

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  1. Sister Larson's aunt lives in my stake! I hope you have fun with her as I am sure she is as fun as her crazy Aunt Lori.

    How fun to see the "Mystery Van"!

    Keep up the good work, I wrote yesterday and will mail it snail mail so be on the lookout for a letter!