Hey Everyone!:)

Hi everyone!
This week went by so fast I don't even remember what happened because it all just blends together!
We had a lot of really neat lessons with investigators and less actives! Carlos, the investigator who is atheist but wants to believe, is finally starting to believe just a little bit! His hope and his desire of wanting to believe is taking action! That was definitely one of the highlights from my week!:) Alexandra is a less active we are working with and something that she said really stood out to me, "The spirit I felt the day of my baptism is what keeps me on this path and is what keeps me going." This is so powerful and so true! When the winds of life and the adversary try to beat us down, remember the small things and feelings! Remembering... that is key! Remember how we feel during these super spiritual experiences. Elder Jeffery R. Holland's talk last night was so great about remembering.

So in the Visitors' Center we spend half our time back in the teaching center where we can take Mormon.org chats and phone calls, keep in touch with the people who come to the Visitors' Center, and teach people all around the world! A lot of neat miracles happen back in the teaching center! So I have been keeping in touch and teaching some people who either walked into the Visitors' Center or who called in wanting to learn more!!! I will start out with Tae! So I met Tae at our Visitors' Center Festival of Lights back in December. He was in the Book of Mormon kiosk and I went in with my companion and just talked with him about the Book of Mormon! He said he wanted missionaries to teach him. He is so amazing! So after sending local missionaries to the people we talk to, we are able to still call them and teach them! So Wednesday I called him AND he is getting baptized on April 10th!!! So exciting! Then there is Jazz Freeman. (I might be related to him haha). Jazz is from Australia! He called into Mormon.org and I answered and he wanted a free Bible sent to him and I offered a free Book of Mormon along with it! So missionaries dropped those off at his house and have been teaching him. So the other day I called him and he said he had a baptismal date for April 30th! So amazing! I love seeing how much these people progress! I love working with people in the Visitors' Center! Following up is SO important! As President Cooke says, "follow up, follow up, follow up!" :) David A. Bednar gave such a great talk this conference about baptism and how it is the introductory ordinance to the gospel of Jesus Christ! I am so glad Jazz and Tae are making this incredible step in their lives!

Another highlight from my week was getting to watch General Conference to hear our prophets and apostles speak to us!  Some of our investigators were able to watch it and they really liked it.  I hope you all had the opportunity to watch it! It is on LDS.org! I felt the spirit so strongly. I know and can feel that everything that was said is true. I know those men and women are called of God and that as we heed their words we will be blessed! As I was going through my notes trying to find a quote to share, I realized I wanted to share all of them because they are all so great! But definitely something I have learned is how much God loves each and every one of us and how He wants the absolute best for us! I felt God's love so strongly during conference and I know that this is the true church restored on this earth. Draw near into God and He will draw near unto you! I love you all! Have a great week!
Sister Freeman :)

We found these giant grapes!!

Knocked on Obama's door ;) haha just kidding!

 There was a MOUSE in the visitors center!

Don't worry the sisters got it! ;) We put cheese out for it ;) haha it was so funny!

It was the cutest mouse ever! .... And then we found 3 dead mice in the kitchen.... It smelled!!

I just got my hair cut today! And then we went to Cafe Rio! Will you eat the other half?;) Miss you!
(Megan and I have a serious Cafe Rio habit!)

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