7 Months!!

Dear Family and Friends,
You all are so great! I hope you all enjoyed this past week! Time sure is flying by so fast! This week was so crazy and I don't want to make this email too long so I will just talk about one day this week that was a special day to me. It was Thursday! We first met with Ansu. Ansu referred himself to the missionaries! He and his family are from Sierra Leon. His sister, Rachel listened in on the discussion and she wants to learn more as well. We are so excited to work with them. 

We then met with Leonard. Leonard has been addicted to smoking since he was SEVEN!! So we are working with him on helping him stop smoking! His house always smells like smoke so badly!! My eyes were watering during the whole lesson because of the smell of smoke, but we love Leonard and his genuine desire to want to improve. Next week we are going to suggest teaching the lesson outside haha. 

Right after Leonard, we were walking and this girl named Amber walked up to us.
She said, "Hey I saw your name badges, and that they have Jesus Christ on them, can you help me?" She told us how she is having such a hard time finding hope right now. She said her husband is abusive. She told us she has had some addictions, but she has overcome them and is looking for hope and a good environment to raise her two kids. She has had such a rough background. We were able to testify to her that this gospel of Jesus Christ will bring the hope she is looking for into her life. We told her that through and because of Jesus Christ, she can have a fresh start. She started crying and thanked  us so sincerely it made me start to cry! It was such a tender moment and a tender mercy from God. I am so excited to see the Atonement work in Amber. I know it was no coincidence that we met her. 

Then we met with Walter!! Walter is the cutest old man I have ever met in my life! Every time we go over to visit, he waits for us outside his door and welcomes us with the biggest smile ever! He said he really wants to join this church and he enjoys coming to church! 

Then, to conclude our night, we brought Margaret (one of our investigators who is struggling with depression) to a dinner appointment with one of the members who signed up to feed us! It was so incredible! Margret laughed and smiled! That was the first time I have ever seen her laugh! It was so awesome! We had a lesson at the members house with her after dinner and it went so well! The spirit was so strong. We are loving the two areas that we have! Staying busy and working hard is what makes missions the best!:)

We went to the farm on Wednesday to do some service and we had a really neat experience. So a ton of autistic adults came and they got to help us plant pumpkin seeds. It was such a great experience to be around them and to see the light of Christ shine through their eyes. At the farm, Sister Ete and I also got to drive this REALLY old truck. It was so much fun! We made some pretty great memories!

On Sunday, Sister Ete and I had the wonderful opportunity to speak in Sacrament meeting about our conversion stories. We didn't have too much time to speak but it was still amazing. We also got to teach Primary as well to all the little kids about Joseph Smith. I LOVE teaching kids and just being able to teach so simply! I know Joseph Smith was a true prophet and that God worked through Joseph Smith to restore Jesus Christ's church back onto the earth. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is the true church here upon the earth and the way to find lasting eternal happiness! I hope you all have a great week!
Sister Freeman

SARAH!! This is the cutest little girl I have ever met! She is our investigator Seth's, daughter. We were at the wards talent show! Sister Ete performed a Polynesian dance! It was so good!!

 Seth and his daughter Sarah with all the missionaries that have taught him.

Sister Ete and I with Sarah!

We saw a group of boys playing football! They taught us how to play football and then we taught them about Jesus Christ! It was great! I love kids! We made some new friends! :)

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