Happy Mothers Day!:)

Hi everyone! This week was so busy!
So transfers were on Wednesday annnndddddd I am in the Montgomery Village area with Sister Ete as my new companion! Sister Ete is so amazing! She is Polynesian and is from AUSTRALIA! She is so fun! I LOVE family wards! We have been so busy lately! We don't even have time to eat most days! It is so awesome! We have such a great ward mission leader! He is so on top of everything!

During our companionship studies one day this week, this sweet Hispanic lady (Sister Serga) frantically called us and said she needed help and for us to come over right away... So we did and we get there and she has 6 babies and toddlers everywhere! Me and Sister Ete just looked at each other... haha as missionaries, we aren't allowed to hold babies or watch kids so it was an awkward situation... haha we just ended up making lunch and doing things that she needed while she watched the kids! She is the sweetest lady ever! As we were leaving she sent us with a bag full of food... Haha I've learned not to say no to Hispanics haha! They just keep giving more and more food! It is
awesome!:) The babies and toddlers were all so cute!

We met a potential investigator on Wednesday! Her name is Margaret!
She is so sweet! We knocked on her door and introduced ourselves and she gladly let us in and we shared a message with her! The spirit was so strong during the lesson! We set a baptismal date for May 29th! We are so excited for her! She loved coming to church yesterday!:)

We met Evona. She is this sweet evangelical lady that converted to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints! She said praise the Lord every 5 seconds and everything that she did she would end by saying in the name of Jesus HALLELUJAH!! Haha it was so funny! She has the biggest heart ever! It was so neat getting to meet her. She received a priesthood blessing because she is going in for surgery and she exclaimed hallelujah during it haha! She is so funny!

We met with some other investigators like Paul and Herbert! They are both so incredible! Paul is so intelligent and very educated about the Bible! He is so incredible! Herbert is from Ghana and is very humble! I am so excited to keep meeting with all these wonderful investigators!  Sister Ete and I have been trying to use all the time we have and working really hard! It is so amazing the happiness that working hard brings into your life.

So yesterday we received exciting news.... Sister Ete and I get to open a new area!! There is a new area, the Gaithersburg YSA (Young Single Adult) Branch. So we will have two areas (the Montgomery Village area and the Gaithersburg YSA Branch! Both wards are great!! Church was so incredible!:) The Members are all so great and are so missionary minded! It is awesome!
SUNDAY WAS ALSO MOTHERS DAY!! I love my Mom so much!:) It was so amazing getting to Skype my family!  It was the best thing ever! I am so grateful for my Mom! Everything I know and everything I am, I attribute to my Mom! She is the perfect example for me to follow and the person who I want to be when I grow up!:)  I love you all and I hope you have an incredible week! Don't forget to pray always!
Sister Freeman

Transfer day!!

Sister Ete!!!!!!

We got lots of goodies for Mother's Day!:)

 SKYPEING!! So grateful for my Mom and Grandma and for their wonderful examples in my life!:)

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