Hi everyone!
This week was SO GREAT with lots of great opportunities!!

Tuesday: We had exchanges! So I went to the Rockville area with Sister Minguito, and my companion, Sister Wilson, stayed in our area and the other Sister Wilson came to her. Exchanges were so great! I learned so much! It was so nice being in a family ward! We had back to back appointments! All of the people we met with really impacted me and I learned so much!

Thursday: The Sisters that serve in the Visitors Center had the wonderful opportunity to receive training from Mark Lusvardi (the person in charge of ALL the Visitors Centers). This was seriously one of the neatest experiences I have had on my mission! He taught a lot about interacting to edify and to build the foundation of people who come into the Visitors Center! The spirit was so strong! He said he was using our Visitors Center to experiment with some things! He was so inspiring! Later Thursday night, was the National Cherry Blossom Festival Reception! President Cooke chose 2 missionaries from each zone to go! So I got to go and Sister Liou got to go from our zone! It was so fun being companions with her for the night! The reception was such a great opportunity! We got to talk with so many people about the gospel! To end this lovely night, we were all going down the elevator... AND IT GOT STUCK!!! We had to use the call button in the elevator and they said the fire department was coming and that they would be there in 45 minutes.... It was getting so hot in there!!!
After about 15 minutes we ended up just prying the doors open...
Luckily we were on a floor! But ya super crazy but memorable experience.

Friday: We had a really awesome lesson with Sam!!! She is doing so great! She said she has had a lot of transforming moments that have really strengthened her testimony of this gospel! She is going to be such a great member when she gets baptized! She is so close!

Saturday: So we had transfer call outs on Saturday!!!! We found out that....... IM LEAVING DC 2nd SINGLES WARD!:( I will be going to a new area with a new companion on Wednesday! I find out which area and companion tonight when President Cooke calls us!!! Can't wait! It will be a great opportunity!

Sunday: Church was so great but so sad saying goodbye to all the ward members! I love love love DC 2nd!! It was such a great area to start my mission! I am excited to see where I go next! I really liked our lesson in Relief Society. She talked about coming closer to God and she shared two quotes that I really liked! The first one says, "When you face the sun (or son) the shadows of discouragement fall behind you" (John Bytheway). And the other quote is, “The greater the distance between the giver and the receiver (from God), the more the receiver develops a sense of entitlement” (Elder Hallstrom). I love these quotes and the truthfulness behind them.

President and Sister Cooke spoke to all the Sisters! I really enjoyed what he said! "You are on the Lords mission but on Satan's playing ground. This is a battle. Keep fighting" (President Cooke).  "You are called for this day, time, and mission to fight and bring souls on to Gods winning team" (Sister Cooke). I love the advice they give! I hope you all have a great week!
Sister Freeman

All of the VC Sisters, the VC Director and his wife on the far left, 
Mark Lusvardi in the middle, and President and Sister Cooke on far right 

 End of the transfer Zone picture!

(Mom loves the beautiful Tulips in the foreground!)

National Cherry Blossom Festival Reception!
 All of the sisters that got to go! 
L to R: Sister Buhler, Sister Baird, Sister Martinez, Sister Liou, Sister Plaizer, 
Sister Griffin, me, Sister Nolte

Sister Liou (my companion for the night). We got pink gift bags with fun stuff in it!

SISTER GRIFFIN (my trainer)

 All of the missionaries that got to go (minus Sister Buhler, Sister Plaizer, and Sister Nolte) 

 Whole group of everyone.

Who we traveled with.

When we got stuck in the elevator!

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