9 Months!!:D


We found out that poor Sister Greenhalgh has Celiac Disease (she can't eat gluten) and is allergic to dairy. Now that she hasn't been eating those foods, she has been feeling MUCH better! So that has been super good! She is such a trooper! There is this really sweet lady in our ward who has the same allergies and she bought Sister Greenhalgh a ton of food and had us over for dinner. It was so sweet of her.

Things are going so well in the mission! A member took us all out to dinner one night and brought her friend with her named Dominique. She is really interested in learning more and has a lot of really good questions! She came to church yesterday and had a really good experience. She said she felt very comfortable and at peace! She is so golden. We promised AJ we would make him cookies next time we meet with him, so he is pretty excited about that! Seth is hanging in there. He was going to leave church early to go get IHop, but we got him to stay, and he had a really neat experience and told us he was glad he stayed! We had a really neat experience this week while we were doing service for a lady in our ward. While we were outside doing service, her landlord came out and we started to talk with him. He agreed to meeting with us and he actually came to church yesterday as well! The members in our ward are seriously the best. One night this week, we had 3 dinner appointments!!!!! They take good care of us!

We were able to attend a funeral this week for a lady in our ward who passed away. Her husband, PJ,  is not a member and has been super receptive to learning more. We have been doing lots and lots of service for them and when he is ready he agreed to taking the lessons. He wants us to teach his kids as well, so we are super excited to teach them when they get back from Utah. While we were at the funeral, I got the strongest confirmation that there truly is life after we die, and that death is not the end. I know that we all have the ability to return back to our Father in Heaven one day after we are finished here on earth.

I love you all and I hope that you guys have a wonderful week! :) 
Sister Freeman

(Sorry...no pictures this week!)

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