Hello everyone!
We had a pretty awesome week! Sister Greenhalgh has been feeling lot better and is finally keeping food down! So that has been a huge highlight of our week! Training is going so well and she is doing so great!:)

We have four people who have been progressing towards baptism really well. The first person is Richard. CJ brought Richard, his cousin, to church a couple weeks ago. He is from Jamaica and is really awesome. We have been meeting with him and he accepted to be baptized. He is in the process of praying about a date! The second person is Seth. Seth is just so amazing. He had a date to be baptized on the 23rd, but we are going to have to push it back so he is 100% ready. He is progressing more and more every time we meet with him! The third person is Landry! He is so awesome. It is kind of funny, I taught Landry when I was in the DC Second YSA ward, and now he moved to Gaithersburg so we get to teach him! It was pretty exciting! But he has been doing great! He expressed a sincere desire to get baptized! So we have been working with him to help him get there!
The final person is AJ!!!!!!! Ah I love AJ so much! So he is this 13 year old boy that has been living with a family in our ward. He has had a pretty rough life.  But we met with him yesterday and had a good lesson with him. He told us he wanted to get baptized on August 14th!
So we are so excited for that day to come! I love teaching kids so much!

On Thursday we got to go on exchanges, where you go to another area with another companion for the day. I LOVE exchanges and the new things you can learn from others. So I went to Capitol Hill in DC with Sister Farnsworth. WE GOT TO RIDE BIKES! It was the best. We got to meet with a lot of super neat people. We went to check up on a less active and while we were looking for her address, we saw this woman on her balcony. So we pulled up next to her and she looked like she wanted to say something to us, so we went and talked with her. She came down to us and stated how she had been praying for help and then we showed up! This was so exciting and a huge miracle.  Her name was Moniqua and she is excited to meet with the missionaries! We got to go to a nursing home to visit some people. It reminded me of those days when I got to spend some time at a nursing home to get my CNA my senior year. So many memories! So we got to visit with some people there and teach them about Jesus Christ! One guy told us we were angels disguised as sisters! It was so sweet. Capitol Hill is a pretty sketchy area, so at night time we had to do the rest of our work driving in the car. I love riding bikes, it gives you more opportunity to talk to everyone!

On Saturday we had a really neat experience. As we were studying for the day, we all had the impression that we needed to go over to Sister Serga's house and help her clean. So we called her up and drove over to her house. She opened the door for us and just started to cry and hugged us and thanked us so much for coming by. She is the lady that runs the day care and has a bunch of kids running around all day. When we got there, her house was just a mess and she was so tired. So we cleaned up her house! She is the sweetest lady ever! She is such a huge example to me.

Our ward mission leader called us up this past week to come out with us. It was so awesome how miracles always happen when members come out with us! We were able to get into every house that night. So amazing. I love this marvelous work that is taking place.

I am so grateful  for my companions.  I know that we were put together by revelation from the Lord. We will only get Sister Higginson for just a little bit longer, but it has been such an inspired transfer. I have learned so much through the ups and downs. There is this verse in Alma Chapter 26:30, "And we have suffered all manner of afflictions, and all this, that perhaps we might be the means of saving some soul; and we supposed that our joy would be full if perhaps we could be the means of saving some."  I feel like this verse has really described our transfer so far. It has been hard, but the joy that comes from the people we meet makes up for it all.
I love you all!
Sister Megan Freeman

Making Korean food with a member in our Singles ward.

Exchanges with Sister Farnsworth!

Sister Farnsworth

At a ward party... Don't ask what Sister Higginson is doing haha!!

Zone Conference with our new mission president and his wife! Ah I love them so much!

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  1. Love all the photos and hope you will get to go out on bikes again soon.