We had a great week! Transfers are NEXT WEEK and we found out that I will be leaving Sister Greenhalgh and going back to the Visitor Center to train a brand new missionary!!!!! AHHH I am so sad to leave Sister Greenhalgh especially since she is right in the middle of her training, but I know that everything will work out and be so good!!:) I can't wait to meet my trainee on Wednesday!!

AJ read AND took notes on the things we asked him to read! He is almost done with all his lessons and is so excited for his baptismal date! Dominique is so prepared for this gospel! We met with her and she told us how she wanted to be baptized and come closer to Christ. She is just the best!

Miracles: We had a lot of tender mercies this week that have been a huge blessing! On Friday, our YSA branch had a temple activity where we all met at the branch president's house for a cook out, and then we all went to the Visitors' Center for a tour. It was so amazing! A lot of the members brought their friends, and we ended up getting 5 new investigators that want us to start teaching them!! It was such a neat experience.

Yesterday at church we had this really sweet family from Ethiopia come to our sacrament meeting. It was a huge miracle! They came up to us and told us they wanted to be baptized! Shilenn (the mom) has such a strong desire for her and her family to be anchored in a good environment with uplifting teachings. We are so excited to work with this family. Another girl came to our YSA branch. Her name is Khaylia. She is so sweet and wants to learn more! There are so many people who are so prepared to receive this gospel.

A quote that has really helped me this week is from the New Era, "The best antidote I know for worry is work. The best medicine for despair is service. The best cure for weariness is the challenge of helping someone who is even more tired.” (President Hinckley)  I love this so much! I know that missions are meant for us to forget ourselves and go to work. As we lose ourselves in the work of our Savior, we will find ourselves.
Have a great week!
Sister Freeman

One of our investigators, Seth, took us all out to dinner to get wings 
for Sister Higginsons last night here!

Sister Higginsons LAST night in the mission.

We sure do miss her.

 Sister Greenhalgh got her iPad at her LAST specialized training!

 SISTER LIOU! I love her so much!!

She leaves this Wednesday!:(

One of my favorite pictures of Christ!

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