Happy Halloween everybody!
We had a good week this week, especially in the Visitors' Center! A lot of people came in on Saturday who were looking to strengthen their relationship with Jesus Christ! Here are a few experiences that we had:

Noah and Carlin- Noah and Carlin were a couple that came in who were both Jewish! They had SO many AMAZING questions about our faith! They approached us and it was so great to take them around the Visitors' Center! We ended up spending three hours with them! They were great examples to me!

Two Catholic girls- So two Catholic girls living here in DC came into the VC and they said that they had to come and check out the temple because they drive past it every day! They said that they had a lot of friends out serving missions right now and that they wanted to learn more! One of the girls said that she really looked up to one of her friends out serving a mission! I thought this was the coolest thing! They had such great questions and it was so fun taking them around!

Laura and her daughter- This sweet lady named Laura came into the VC and told us how her daughter had to do a research paper about our religion! We told them that they came to the PERFECT place! We took them around and shared our beliefs with them and GUESS WHAT? They gladly agreed to learning more and for us to keep in touch! The whole time the mom was saying, "This is so interesting!" She was very spiritually sensitive and loved the spirt that was present at the Visitors' Center!

Mark Lusvardi- So Mark Lusvardi is in charge of all of the Visitors' Centers around the world! We had the wonderful opportunity this morning to hear from him! He gave wonderful insights on how we can better use Visitors' Centers! We also got to see the sneak peak of the new Christmas Videos the Church is putting out this year! They are SO GOOD! I cant wait for you all to see them! :)

In our area this week we had a little tender mercy from our Heavenly Father! We were out having  a crazy night contacting. We were handing out pictures of Jesus Christ and we came across this lady named Jessica! She is from Brazil and she loved what we were sharing! She was interested in learning more! She said she was really open to learning more about Jesus Christ! YAY! We are meeting with her tomorrow!

Yesterday our mission President and his wife came and spoke at our ward! It was the BEST! I love them so much! The whole Sunday was centered on Missionary Work and how we can better follow the example of Jesus Christ! It was amazing! We loved it! It was the best Sunday ever.

Here is my spiritual thought to finish up: "Satan wants us to be perfect by ourselves. God wants us to be perfect through Jesus Christ."  I LOVE this quote! I know that it is through Jesus Christ that we can become better! As we strive to follow the example of Jesus Christ, we will become what ever we want to become!
Love you all!
Sister Megan Freeman
 Sister Hugely (an AMAZING lady in our ward) took us out to dinner!
She is the BEST and is like another grandma to us!:)
 Haha, Sister Haertling and I were twins for Halloween!

Our ward trunk or treat was super fun

  Our Gospel Principles class!!:)

GUESS WHAT!? Bernice went through the temple for the first time and the missionary
that taught her when she was younger came down for it! It was so neat!:)!



(Mom's note:  I got this picture off of the mission Facebook page this morning.  It said that it was a picture of half of the missionaries currently serving in the DC North Mission.)

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