Great Week!

Hello everyone!

Sorry I forgot to mention last week in my email that my P day would be today instead of yesterday. We got to go to the temple today and it was so amazing! I love the temple so much!!

I will keep this email nice and short! I just wanted to share some experiences from this past week! We had the opportunity to meet a lot of really neat people while we were out contacting this week! We met this guy named Ted and he had to run and catch his bus so we gave him our number and HE TEXTED US! That never happens! It was awesome and he is really wanting to learn more! We were so excited about that!

We also met this guy named Duke. He approached us on the metro and started asking questions. He agreed to learn more and said he knew there was a reason he talked to us! It was really cool.

While we were out, we met this girl named Kenecia! She is so sweet! I think we scared the living day lights out of her when we approached her, haha, but she agreed to learning more! She was so cute!

We also met this guy named Kirt. We approached him and he said he has actually been looking for a church for he and his daughter to come to! We testified of families and he agreed to learning more. I LOVE THE PEOPLE HERE IN DC SO MUCH!!!

Lastly, there was this guy named Justin that came into the VC. He told us how he has a Baptist background and that he came  to the Savior of the World performance a couple weeks ago. He told us how he didn't think he was going to like the performance but he said he got watching it and found out that we read the same Bible as he does. Haha. He then said he felt so peaceful and happy when he went home. He told us he was passing by and he HAD to come in again. It was so neat! He said that his wife has really been wanting to meet with the missionaries and to learn more, but that he has been hesitant to do it. But after he saw Savior of the World, he had an increase in interest due to how he felt. He told us his son participated in the Boy Scout program in our church! But we were able to take him around and taught him all about the Restoration and everything. We even gave him a copy of the Book of Mormon. He said he has never accepted one, but that he would this time. It was really neat to hear him say that there was no coincidence this happened. God has been working on him for such a long time and he finally decided to put his faith to action. He agreed for us to send missionaries to him. He said he just felt like this was right and that the time was now! And it was SO NEAT! The Visitors' Center is the best!!

Love you all! I know that God loves all of us and that we are here to find the joy, peace, and happiness that God gives us. We just have to do our part to find it! Have a great week!

-Sister Megan Freeman
 Pictures 1-4: Temple day/ P day today!:)

Throw back with Sister Larson and Carter!:)

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