Missions are the BEST


This week went by so fast!! We finished up our exchanges this week and saw lots of little miracles! I love going on exchanges with the sisters! They are so amazing and are huge examples to me!

Sister Erasmus came to our area for exchanges at the beginning of the week and we saw lots of miracles as we went tracting! We knocked on this family's door. They were from Pakistan!! Their little girl answered the door (she was SO CUTE) and we talked with her for a bit and asked her if her parents were home. Her parents then both came to the door and they were the kindest people ever. We told them how we were the missionaries and testified about Jesus Christ and the message that we have for families. The husband was a bit hesitant and we looked in the background and the mom is quickly cleaning the family room and tidying things up. The husband said he wasn't sure if we could share our message and right when he said that the wife told us in her cute broken English to please come in! So we did and she gave us orange juice!! They agreed to hearing our message of the Restoration. Their family was so intrigued! The little girl (about 9 years old) had so many good questions and it was such a huge miracle!! We are so excited to pass on their information to the missionaries in the family ward! Their family was SO SWEET!

A little bit later that evening we knocked on this other mans door. His name was Donald and he is from Spain. He opened the door and we didn't even have to say anything and he invited us to come right on in. So we did. Haha!:) We were able to teach him the first lesson about the Restoration. He was a hard core Catholic but he loved what we had to share! He was so nice and really funny! We were so happy to have this night!

The second exchange we had this week was with SISTER HAERTLING AND I GOT TO GO TO BETHESDA WITH HER!!!!! So Sister Haertling and I were companions like 5 months ago and we were in Bethesda together! I love her so much!!! We are literally the same person! It was so great to be her companion for the day! She has grown so much from when she first came out on her mission when we were companions! We got to go and see some recent converts and investigators we grew close to! It was awesome! I will send lots of pictures!! We had kind of a funny experience. We were out tracting and we noticed how we kept following this bunny rabbit. Haha we planned to check up on a former investigator while we were tracting in the area and so we walked over to his house and we noticed the bunny rabbit was there!! No one answered the door, so we walked and decided to continue to follow the bunny rabbit. We told the bunny rabbit to tell us which house to go to(hahah) and the bunny rabbit just stayed at the former investigators house that we just knocked. We took that as a sign and knocked on his door again. He came to the door and said pretty much that he was ready to learn more now and he was seeking to have God in his life more. It was so awesome!! His mom also expressed some interest! Moral of the story- follow the bunny rabbits haha! We had a good laugh about that after!

GUYS. I LOVE THE MISSION SO MUCH! I am so glad I chose to serve a mission!!!!! The people here have changed my life! I can't believe time has almost come to an end! It makes me so sad but at the same time gives me hope that blessings and good things are to come!!:) Thank you all for all of your love and support to me!

Sister Freeman
  Investigators from the Bethesda ward that we taught!! They are getting baptized next week!!
 TARA!!!:) She is still meeting with missionaries! Her son just got home from his mission!
 MARTY!!! He is the BEST! Ah I miss the Bethesda award so much!
 Member meal at April's house!

  APRIL IS SO GREAT! Ah I miss her so much!!

 We ended our exchange with some frozen yogurt!!:) I love Sister Haertling so much!!


 Cutest baby ever that came into the VC!

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