19 Months! Mission Accomplished (almost)

Wow I never thought this day would come where I would be writing my last weekly email! Tons of emotions and joy flow through my mind as I reflect back on my mission. I have never had a greater experience in my life than serving the Lord for these past months. It has truly been an experience I will never forget! Wow I'm like in tears as I write this haha. I love my mission so much!!

We had an amazing week this week! We were able to see some miracles while we went out tracting! We met this lady named Mercia and she let us come in and teach her the first lesson! She agreed to learning more and missionaries will be going back next week! She said missionaries came to her door a few years ago and that she was happy to see missionaries again! God really does place people in our paths!!:) We taught Lauren the Plan of Salvation and she LOVED it! She said it all sounded familiar and right! She is progressing well and is enjoying the journey!

Yesterday our ward had a spiritual music concert and the people performing brought some friends we were able to talk with! A lot of them were interested in learning more, so that was super exciting!! The YSA Ward is the BEST!!

We said a lot of goodbyes this week, so that was SO sad! Marvin Gomez (one of our recent converts from the beginning of my mission) came into the Visitors Center to say goodbye! It was so sweet! He brought his kids into the Visitors Center! His story amazes me! His kids got baptized shortly after Marvin did and they both said last night that they are wanting to serve missions!! MIRACLE! Ah this gospel is so amazing and I love it so much!!!!!

The rest of my week looks like this: Tomorrow we pick up the new missionaries at the airport with the APs and President and Sister Johnson, then on Wednesday we have transfers and all the departing missionaries spend the night at the mission home, and then on Thursday we fly home to our families!! I can't believe this! It doesn't seem real yet!!

Here is a little poem I found that describes the mission PERFECTLY!

A Mission....

A mission is a strange experience; it is a trial and a test. A mission throws at you the worst; yet, teaches you the best. I've never been so happy, I've never been so depressed. I've never felt so forsaken, I've never felt so blessed. I've never been so confused; things have never been so clear. I've never felt my Heavenly Father so distant; He's never been so near. I've never been so discouraged; I've never been so full of hope. I feel I could go forever; I think I've come to the end of my rope. I've never had it quite so easy; I've never had it quite so tough. Things have never been so smooth; things have never been so rough. I've never traveled through more valleys; I've never ascended more peaks. I've never met so many nice people; I've never met so many freaks!
I've never had so many ups; I've never had so many downs. I've never worn so many smiles; I've never had so many frowns. I've never been so lonely; I've never had so many friends. BOY, I HOPE THIS IS OVER SOON; GOSH, I HOPE THIS NEVER ENDS!

I wanted to include in this email some of the things I learned on my mission but I am running short on time!! I know this gospel is true! I know God loves us and that Jesus Christ is always here for us!! I hope you all have a wonderful day!!:) I give my homecoming talk on Sunday and you all are welcome to come!!:)
Sister Freeman
 Us and our roomies eating dinner!!:)
  Last district picture!

Saying goodbye at our last VC training meeting for the transfer! (Pictures 4-7)
 Sister Bingham
  Sister Wilcox!
 We are swimming buddies haha! She was a swimmer too!
So we tried doing a swimming picture haha!

 MARTY!!! He is a recent convert from the Bethesda ward that came to say goodbye!
 District activity!

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