Hey family and friends! We have a packed P day today so I will keep this short and sweet.

Basically this week was the best week ever!

Caroline's Baptism: So Caroline's baptism was on Saturday! It was so sweet and so special. Caroline was just glowing!! Right after she was baptized, she came up and was like, "Wowww! Oh wow!!" It was the sweetest thing ever, and then she just looked at everyone for about two minutes. The spirit was so strong and I know that was such a special moment for Caroline. She has impacted my life so much, I am so grateful we were able to go to her baptism!

Mary Clare's Baptism: Oh my goodness, the spirit at her baptism was so strong!!! Mary Clare is such an inspiration! Her conversion story is so amazing. She is so strong!! None of her family is too supportive but she knew this is what she needed to do. She bore her testimony after her baptism and what she said was so powerful. She said, "There is no way something this good that has brought me so much happiness and is so real could not be true!!" She was just glowing with the spirit and the light of Christ in her eyes! It was seriously one of the most memorable moments. Everyone there was in tears! The spirit was so strong.

Her mom was the only one from her family that attended her baptism right after church! So her mom came to church again this week because she had a really good experience with it last week! Mary Clare told us how last week her mom came with the intent to find something bad or negative, and she told us how her mom said she couldn't find anything! Her mom loved coming and came again on Sunday! Her mom is incredible. One day I know Mary Clare's whole family will be together and united and it will all be from Mary Clare's striking example (and the spirit!).

This church is so true and I feel so honored to be able to share this truth with the people here! I have never been this happy in my life!!!!!!!!!! Serving the Lord brings so much joy!!:) The mission is the best!

Love you all!!

- Sister Megan Freeman
 Mary Clare's baptism!!!!!!!!!



Caroline's baptism!!!!! The man all the way to the left is Marty!!!!! Marty is a recent convert from the Bethesda ward and was the one who introduced Caroline to the church! Marty is the best!!
I miss the Bethesda ward!!:)

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