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So much happened this week! It was a crazy but good week!

Transfers were on Wednesday and so Sister Larson and I got to go with President and Sister Johnson and the APs to pick up the new missionaries from the airport! It was so cool to be with them! It brought back so many memories from when I was brand new to the mission! After we picked them up from the airport, we went on the metro with all of them and did some contacting on the metro! It was super fun to be with them and to be able to talk to lots of people. After that, we took the new missionaries to the Visitor's Center and gave them a little tour, and then we all went to the mission home for dinner and for a testimony meeting! It was so great! We got to help President decide which missionaries should go with which trainers! That was really neat! Oh yeah, and Sister Haertling is training this transfer!! She is going to be so great! I am going to be a Grandma!!!;) Woot woot!

Our week was super great! Here are a few highlights:
District Meeting: So on Thursday we were at our district meeting and the Rockville Sisters got up to share a miracle they had. They said that they were tracting in a neighborhood and they came across this woman that wasn't too kind at first and slammed the door in their face. They said they were prompted to knock again, so they did and the mom opened the door a little and shared her unkind feelings towards Mormons. The missionaries testified and the mom said she has a daughter named Khalia that converted to our church over the summer time. The mom said she has a boy friend who was a member who left for his mission a little bit ago (and while the sisters were sharing this I was thinking man that sounds familiar, I taught a girl named Khalia over the summer who got baptized and she was dating a guy who was a member and left on his mission AND  her mom was against the church) and the sisters went on and said the daughter was in the Gaithersburg YSA!!! And I WAS LIKE YES THAT'S THE KHALIA I TAUGHT!!!!!! I FREAKED OUT and told the sisters that I was in the Gaithersburg YSA branch over the summer and that Sister Ete and I taught Khalia!! It was such a great moment. The sisters went on to say that the mom had a softened heart and the mom asked if they would come back and share more!!!!!!!!!!! MIRACLE. Khalia's mom is going to learn about the gospel!! The crazy thing is that just a few weeks ago, we ran into Khalia at the metro and AH it was so cool! I'm so grateful the Rockville Sisters followed the spirit! 

Mary Lou and Robert: We were out checking up on a referral we got and there was a cute older couple out on their rocking chairs on their front porch enjoying the weather! We said hi and walk up towards them and they were so nice and wanted to talk. Turns out they have been to the church historical site in Palmyra, New York and really enjoyed it! They also went to the Sacred Grove while they were there and said they felt the spirit so strongly! They said they would love to come to church sometime!!!!! We gave them a Book of Mormon and a Restoration pamphlet and got their contact info. and went on our way to check up on our referral! On our way back we saw them and they were reading the Book of Mormon and pamphlet we gave them! It was so sweet! They were so prepared. We passed on their info. to the Chevy Chase Elders. They are so happy to be able to teach this wonderful couple! 

Ah so much happened this week but I am lacking motivation and time to type it all out! I hope you all are doing well!


 Love you all! Have a great week!

- Sister Freeman 
 MARVIN's kids got baptized!! Marvin was the first person on my mission who got baptized and now his two kids got baptized!! Such a huge miracle. Marvin's conversion story is so neat!! 

Picking up the new missionaries from the airport!!!:) They are so great! 
Metro contacting with the new missionaries!

 Sister Haertling's trainee, Sister Cleaver!
Sister Larson and I.

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