I Love DC!!!!!!!

Hello family and friends!

First, I just want to say that General Conference was SO GOOD. It was such a huge testimony builder to me. I loved the strength and courage it gave to us all. I hope you all got the chance or will get the chance to watch it!!

This week has been so good! I just wanted to share this one experience that changed my life. On Saturday night, Sister Larson and I had an experience I will never forget! We were driving back to our apartment from General Conference and Sister Larson told me how she got this pinching pain in her stomach and could hardly move. Sister Larson is a trooper and insisted we keep going for the night. We had planned to go metro contacting that evening but thought it might be good to stay in the car and drive to check up on some potentials due to the pain Sister Larson was feeling. She took a couple minutes to think about what she could do and prayed and then instantly said, "Nope we have to go metro contacting." So we parked and went. We got on the metro right in time as it was coming. We both felt prompted to sit near this girl named Mary. She was from Cuba and was so nice. She was 24 and looking for direction in her life. Sister Larson started talking with her and told her about General Conference. She got super excited to hear that the prophet would be speaking to us and agreed to come for the Sunday session! She said she really wanted to learn more and was anxious to learn more about God's plan for her. We got her contact information and were grateful for this miracle. As they were talking, I kept looking over at this other sweet old Hispanic lady. I noticed she had lots of bags and a small cart with a broken wheel. I wondered how she would be able to carry all that she had. I got a sweet prompting from the spirit to offer help. I saw her get up at the metro stop and Mary ran over to her to help. We went over as well to help her with her bags. We got off the metro and placed her bags down for her near the elevator. Sister Larson and I both felt we needed to keep helping her all the way to her destination in the city. So we did. She must have been carrying rocks or something, those bags were not light haha! We asked her if she'd ever met missionaries and she mentioned she did in Bolivia. She told us she had been to the Visitor's Center over Christmas time. We tried sharing the gospel with her and haha, in the middle of the journey, the sweet little Hispanic lady stopped us. We put down our bags and she broke down into tears. She said in her cute broken English, "Sisters, I am a member of the church in the Mt. Pleasant Spanish branch. I was just so embarrassed I needed all of this help. I didn't think I needed help but after the wheel on my cart broke, I realized that I desperately needed help." She then went on and said she needed to tell us something, she said, "The whole time I was on the metro I was praying with my whole heart that God would send me someone to help me with these bags. I knew I could not do it alone. I am so grateful God sent you to help me!" At this point we were all just feeling the spirit so strongly. We kept walking and I suddenly remembered that Sister Larson had not been feeling well. I looked over at her and I will never forget the look of deep pain that was on her face. She kept going to help this lady. She put her pain aside, and the needs of this lady over hers.  The spirit was so strong and I felt Christ so close to us helping us. Prayers were flowing to help Sister Larson and all of us make it to Clara's destination. When we finally got there (after many wrong turns haha) she sincerely thanked us. As we were walking back, I felt an overwhelming peace and gratitude towards my Savior. I felt so happy to be a missionary. So happy to be able to serve others. We were reflecting on our night. What if we never went on the metro? Our agency depended on that sweet lady's answer to her prayers. We were thankful all night for the promptings we received to not only talk to Mary, but to also be able to help Clara. Sorry I don't mean to make this super deep, but our thoughts then were drawn to the Savior and His Atonement. What if He never atoned for us? We, as missionaries, are here to be Jesus Christ's representatives. We are here to do HIS work, not to stand in the way, and to be His instruments. A lot of times in life we have bags we feel we cannot carry, but as we pray for help, Christ has already chosen to help us. Sister Larson's face of pain gave me a glimpse of how the Savior felt as He carried our bags that were much heavier --heavier than I could ever imagine. That lady could not physically carry those bags alone, haha we were struggling just carrying one bag haha. Similarly, we physically and spiritually cannot get through life alone without Christ. Christ is waiting to carry our load. I will forever be grateful we chose to go out despite Sister Larson not feeling well. I am so glad we were able to be an answer to that lady's humble prayer. Never doubt impressions.  Go and do. God answers prayers as we act on our agency. This life is not about us. I am grateful for the example Sister Larson has been of this! She will have completed her mission on Wednesday and I am so grateful for all she has taught me. She is such a great example to me! I love her so much and am going to miss her immensely. The Sisters in the Mt. Pleasant Branch told us yesterday that Clara (the lady we helped) told them all about our journey on Saturday night haha! They said she was so grateful! Ah I love the mission so much! I love everything about it!

I hope you all have a wonderful week and remember to pray with the faith that your prayers WILL be answered because Jesus Christ IS there waiting to help. He has already chosen to help!

Love you all!
Sister Freeman
 All of our sisters

DC 2nd missionary (and Mary Clare) family picture!

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