Great Week!

Hello everybody!

Okay I'm just going to jump to the exciting news.... CARTER GOT BAPTIZED! WOOOH!!

It was such a lovely day. After her baptism, we went back to the bathroom with her for her to change and she just started to cry and told us she just felt so clean. It was such a tender moment. Carter has so much faith and is such a huge inspiration! She bore her testimony after and it was so amazing. She is so strong and is going to go so far in life. God guided her and it was such a huge blessing to be a part of her journey! Ah this made my whole life. Getting to witness this amazing step in her life! She got to be interviewed for her baptism by our mission president, and that was such a neat experience for her they connected so well! I am so grateful for all the members in the DC 2nd ward and for all their fellowship and support to Carter. It made all the difference in her conversion. I'll attach some pictures from the baptism! We took lots!

This week was a good week. I feel like the weeks are going by faster and faster and I don't like that haha. I wish I could just do another 18 months!! That would be so great. I love my mission with all my heart. I never knew the mission could change me so much as it has and I will be forever grateful for my mission and for the good and depressing experiences that I have had. Can sisters serve two years? That's the question I will forever have ;) anyway, we had a busy week full of exchanges and I treasured every last second. I got to go on exchanges with Sister Shin, a previous companion I had, and it was really cool to see her growth from when she first came out on the mission. She is so cute, we were out tracting, and we were talking to a man, and he got on a tangent and told us how he hated when his kids or anyone told him that "they can't" or that "it is too hard" or "they give up." He went off on how people need to try try try. Haha right after that, Sister Shin in her cute English said, "YEAH I like that and that is why we will not give up on you. We will try try try!" Haha the man's words backfired on him and it was really funny. He agreed to a return appointment, so that worked out haha! I was so proud of her and her boldness!

The mission is so great and I could go on and on about it but we have a packed day today! I love you all and am so grateful for all of your prayers and support. This mission has been the best thing that could have ever happened in my life. It kind of stinks, right when I finally think I got the hang of things, I reach the end of my mission.... ah I wish I could stay even longer but I am grateful for all that I have learned!

Have a good and safe week!
Sister Megan Elizabeth Freeman




President and Sister Johnson came!!:)

Lesson with Carter.

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