Brooke Wrote A "Slam" Poem For Megan For A School Assignment That Dad Sent To Her... It's a tear-jerker!

(Here's Brooke's poem...)
Brooke freeman
English II H
09 January 2016
The Days Go On and On
Day 1, birth, beginning. A jump into life and my eyes open for the first time.
I see Mom and Dad. And then I see her.
They hold me. She holds me.
Somehow, there’s automatic trust.
The days go on and on.
Day 378, she’s my best friend.
Hide and seek, tag, ring around the rosies: all our everyday activities.
I fall, she picks me up. I cry, she makes me laugh.
We wear matching overalls and our hair in braided pigtails.
Day 1,092, things change.
She goes to school.
She’s away for a couple hours every day. I miss her.
She makes new friends and, without me realizing it, she grows up.
Our play dates get shorter and shorter.  
Day 2,954, she ignores me.
When her friends come over, I’m like the annoying fly buzzing around her head.
I try to fit in with her. I copy her. She hates it.
She’s almost a teenager. And I’m just a little kid.
Day 3,622, she sleeps all day, eats occasionally and texts her best friends on her new phone.
Does she even know that I exist?
Day 4,339, B-O-Y-S. That’s all she thinks about.
She texts them and talks to them, but not me.
Day 5,110, she drives me crazy.
She thinks she can boss me around. We fight.  
I wish she would quickly finish high school and move out.
Day 5,475, she’s gone.
College took her away in the blink of an eye.
One moment she’s here, bothering me, and then she’s gone.
I take it back. I want her to come home. I miss her.
Things change.
We text. We call. We laugh.
We go back to Day 1, the beginning. A jump into life and I see her.
I see her as my trusted play mate, my oldest pal, and the best friend that she has always been.
I see now the times where she picked me up after I had fallen.
Even when I thought she wasn’t there.
The days go on and on.
Day 5,503, she’s home, but only for a little while.
We take advantage of the time together and keep in mind time wasted in the past.
Day 5,622, we’re closer than ever.
In a couple days she leaves to serve a mission, to help people.
568 days, and I’ll be counting down every one of them like a child counting down to Christmas.
I’ll miss her. But 568 days is nothing compared to 5,000 days we’ve already lived.
We still have some 31,000 days left to live. And I don’t plan on wasting a second.
Now, she may be on the other side of the country, but when I fall she still picks me up.
When I cry, she still makes me laugh. I don’t know what I would do without her, my sister.

(Here's Megan's response...)
Hey Dad!!:) Everything is going great!!! 

THAT SLAM POEM MADE ME BAWL!!!!!!!! Sister Griffin thought someone
died or something because I was crying so much!! Haha it was the
sweetest poem I  have ever read!! I had no idea she was talking about
me until it said mission!!!!!! I keep reading it! Brooke is so
talented in writing! Thank you for sending me that. I will cherish
that forever!! Does she know you sent it to me?:)

Thanks for everything! Love you dad!
Sister Freeman

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