Hey family and friends!!:)
So this week we had a HUGE snow blizzard roll in!! They said it was the biggest snow storm in DC in 10 years!!! We got over 2 feet of snow!! They said it made history ;) haha. President Cooke had us all stay in our apartments since Friday afternoon! On Thursday, all the missionaries had to go out and buy extra food, candles, and blankets in case something happened!! Haha, apparently everyone else in DC had the same idea because all the grocery stores were so crazy and all the shelves were bare!! So insane!! Yesterday since we couldn't leave our apartments, we got permission to have sacrament meeting in one of the senior couples apartment in our building!! It was such a neat experience to have 23 missionaries all in the same room partaking of the bread and water symbolizing Christ's atoning sacrifice!:) We had a testimony meeting after and the sweet senior couples made us all
lunch!:) This was such a neat experience! I will never forget it! It was a huge testimony builder!:) 

It was so amazing, before the snow storm came, all the sisters in the mission got to do a session at the DC temple! It was so incredible! The temple is such a spiritual, peaceful place! I love the sisters in our mission!

So not too much happened this week because we were snowed in, but it was such an incredible time to study the scriptures and to ponder on the teachings of Christ. It was a time to refocus on our purpose as missionaries and to think of what we can do to improve.  I love President Cooke and Sister Cooke so much! They have such a strong desire to keep all 200 of us missionaries safe and sound. They are really neat people!

I love all you guys and am so thankful I have you all in my life!!

Love, Sister Freeman :)

Sisters Temple Day!

Bare shelves at the grocery store!!

Sacrament Meeting at the Senior Missionaries' home in our apartment complex




more ice and snow...

piles and piles of snow...


and MORE SNOW!!! The blizzard of January 2016 made history!!!

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