Hey everyone!!:)
This week was so good!!! We did a lot of contacting this week and we found A LOT of people to teach, but we had to pass most of them on to other missionaries because we can only teach young single adults because that's the area and ward we are in!!:)  So that has been the struggle but it's been good!:)

So we just got back from seeing the Capitol and looking at the museum near it! It was so much fun! Afterwards we went grocery shopping and THE COOLEST THING happened! So we saw this man named Paul! This was our second time seeing this man at the grocery store! The first time we accidentally bumped into him while we were getting milk and we said sorry and he said, "You guys are Mormon huh" and we said, "Ya we are missionaries" and pointed at our name tags and he said, "No, I knew you were Mormon because you said sorry."  He said that no one else would have said sorry!! It was so funny!! Haha. The first time we asked him if he wanted to meet with missionaries and he agreed! He said he has been having dreams about the Mormon DC temple!!!! Ahhhh so cool but we were never able to get a hold of him, AND TODAY we ran into him again and he gave us his address and phone number and said, "Let's try this again!!!!" Such a huge miracle!! :)

IT HAS BEEN SO COLD!! It has snowed a couple times, but it's not cold enough to stick!! Ahh on the East coast it's really humid so it's been a wet, piercing, bitter cold!! Haha! It's so freezing but it makes us stronger I guess! ;)

So i thought I would share a little bit about what I have learned while being on my mission. Ahh I have learned so much! So I always knew how much I loved my family, but I am realizing that even more now that I don't have as much communication with them. Family means the most. :) I would honestly do anything for my family!! I am also learning the things I want to teach and do in my future family as well! I was thinking during personal study one day just how much I yearn to return back to God and how I hope and pray that one day I can return back to Heavenly Father with my family. I will do anything that it takes to get there... Will you? :) That's all I want in life is to help myself and my family and future family to have eternal life and return to the presence of our Lord and Savior!! I am also learning how real this gospel is and how the Atonement works in people. Seeing the change in investigators as well as my life is truly amazing! The atonement is so real it is almost tangible. I know it is important to keep the Atonement in our hearts. I know that that is what helps us overcome the natural man. We were talking about Joseph Smith with one of our recent converts and just hearing our recent convert's testimony really helped strengthen my testimony. Joseph Smith gave his life for the truth!  Converts always have the strongest testimonies! It is so neat to see them grow.  I have also learned what hope, patience, faith, and prayer truly are:) THE MISSION IS SO GREAT! :) I could go on and on of everything I have learned! The mission truly does change you! You guys are all great!!!
Have an amazing week!
Sister Freeman


The Capitol and Museum we saw on our Pday today! 

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