Four Months!!

Hey everyone!
These last couple of weeks have gone by so fast. Yesterday I hit my 4 month mark! :D  I say this all the time, but days feel like weeks and weeks feel like days!

This week a lot of tender mercies happened where Heavenly Father sweetly and quietly answered my prayers. One day we drove to our favorite place to contact and talk with people. Before we left the car (like always) we said a prayer. We decided to be very specific so we could get a more specific answer. We prayed that we would be able to find someone who was ready and willing to come unto Christ. When we got out of our car, we were walking and we turned a corner and out of nowhere we ran into this guy and HE approached US (that never happens) and he said, "You guys are the Mormons... here is my number and my address! Please come over and teach me more!!" This was like Christmas!! We were so happy! He then showed us that he found a mini Book of Mormon and he said that he had been reading it! We gave him our phone number and he has called us every day. Unfortunately, he is not in our area, but that's okay, the missionaries told us they would let us know what happens! His name is Barren. :)  Ah such a huge blessing! :)

We were invited to come to a companion study with an elderly sister
missionary:)  Her name is Sister Mitchell. She lives just a floor down from us. So we went and she fixed us breakfast! She is the sweetest lady ever! She made German pancakes (reminded me of home). This is my favorite breakfast! She told us how her husband passed away and it is such an incredible but sad story. They were walking on the beach and their daughter was a little bit behind them and out of nowhere a huge tidal wave comes up and knocks out both of them. Luckily her daughter wasn't affected by the wave and ran to get help. Sister Mitchell said that it was like a wall hit her and then she said it ran her into a rock and cracked her head open pretty badly. She had to be life flighted out. They were never able to find her husband... only a couple of his bones. They did a DNA test and found they were her husbands. Isn't that so sad!! She said God saved my life so I am going to serve Him the rest of my life. (She has been on so many missions!) She is so inspirational! I might name my kid Mitchell after her ;) haha just kidding. But she is so amazing. Her outlook on life is so inspirational. She could have turned bitter and dwelt in her sorrow for the rest of her life, but she has done the exact opposite. She is constantly reaching out. She is the most spiritual lady I know!
Studies with her were so amazing. We read Nephi's lament in 2 Nephi ch 4. I challenge you all to go read that and have a concern you would like to better while you read it. Just think of something or a question before and then read the chapter with an open mind and heart.
It is so amazing how the scriptures can answer our questions.

Haha... So one day this week we had a dinner appointment with this cute girl in our ward! Sister Wilson and I were so excited to go over because we are poor and member meals always taste way better than our crackers and cheese. Hahak! So we get over there and she invites us in and she goes into her moms room and we hear them arguing for like 10 minutes... it was a little awkward. And then she comes back out and takes us into the kitchen and it was A MESS. Then she says, "Actually can you guys help me clean?" We were happy to help her! We are always looking for service opportunities as missionaries! It took us like an hour to clean up her kitchen. I can't even explain how messy it was!
But anyway so we were almost done cleaning and she gets out stuff to make dinner and starts cooking! Haha it got mine and sister Wilson's hopes up! It smelled so good! Then she says, "Sorry I would make you guys dinner but I kind of ran out of time."  We weren't bitter :) Haha no just kidding! We didn't mind at all. Service is 10X better than food! We had a good laugh about that.

Here is just a spiritual thought to end this email. :) It's about "Asking without guile and receiving without doubt when we pray." A lot of times we fear to put our weight on a beam that might break. We have to have faith.  Faith is a burden of love. We have to trust in God and His greater love. Accepting answers to our prayers with out doubt is accepting truth! Isaiah 55:8-9, "For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the Lord. For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts." This is so true! I love to keep this in mind when ever something happens that I do not quite understand! Like President Cooke always says, "What would you do if you knew you could not fail? You miss 100% of the shots you don't take."  I know that the more we put our weight on a beam that might break, the more we find out that the beam will never break! Have a great week!
Sister Megan Freeman

LOOK WHO I FOUND!!!! SISTER GRIFFIN! I love her so much!
She was the best trainer ever!

This is Sister Buhler! She is like a big sister to me!! She is so amazing! 
We have gotten so close! She was one of my roommates last transfer!

Sister Wilson and I pretended like we didn't see this haha! We knocked anyway! ;)

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