This was just the BEST week ever!! So much happened! Serving a mission is the best decision I have made in my entire life!:)

I first want to talk about Michael Bailey!!! He is a super awesome investigator that is progressing so much!! We had two lessons with him this week and he really enjoyed both lessons. He said he really feels that this is the path he needs to take! He said he told all his friends he couldn't go out drinking. He said they asked why and he said he needs to stay strong to his faith! He is so incredible! He is getting baptized on June 19!! We are so excited for him. I love all the relationships we get to make as missionaries! They truly are relationships that will last through the eternities!:)

Ismael is probably the most prepared guy I have ever taught! He has been coming to church forever with his friend Diana, but didn't want to meet with missionaries until he felt ready.... SO a couple weeks ago he decided to meet with us! The other day we taught a lesson about the Restoration and at the end we asked him to pray about Joseph Smith and to pray about our message... And he said, "Oh I already know it is true. I don't doubt it at all!" I was not expecting that answer haha!
It was so exciting! He is getting baptized this Sunday, June 12. He bore his testimony at church yesterday and it was so powerful! He is so ready! Haha, during Gospel Principles class at church yesterday Michael and Ismael were answering all the questions and volunteering for everything! It was so great! I know I was called to this area for a reason and I am seeing why, little by little!
Audrey is this sweet lady that we go and read the Book of Mormon with every week with. This week we walked to her house for our Book of Mormon read and she and another lady were talking outside her house. When we walked up, the other lady started to say goodbye to Audrey. The whole time we felt like we needed to talk to the other lady but she left before we had the chance... BUT THEN while we were inside reading with Audrey, the other lady called Audrey and said, "Do you think it would be possible for those two girls to come over to my house next week? I have a couple questions about their church." Ahhhhhh we were so happy! We can't wait! I know we are supposed to meet this lady! God works in mysterious ways!

We had a really good lesson with Margaret about the Plan of Salvation. At the beginning of the lesson she said how she longs to return home to Scotland. So, we related the lesson to returning back home to our Father in Heaven and how we have a plan to get there. She really enjoyed it. I know that we all will be able to return home back to our Father in Heaven if we stay faithful here on earth. There is a life after this-- I know that with all my heart.

We were driving home from exchanges on the highway... During rush hour and guess what!! Our car broke down!!! So we had to pull over on the highway with all this busy traffic. We went to call our vehicle coordinator BUT we forgot our phone in our apartment!! We were stranded for a couple hours. This really nice guy eventually stopped and told us what was wrong with our car... And let us borrow his phone. We ended up surviving barely.;) God sure was watching out for us!

Oh my gosh biggest miracle ever! So we had a lesson at a park with one of our investigators and guess who we saw.... VICTOR! Victor was the very first person I taught on my mission when I was in DC 2nd!!!!! We lost contact with him and he fell off the face of the earth... Until just a couple days ago when we ran into him at the park!! He apologized for everything. He said he has been going through some hard times and someone stole his phone and beat him up and took his wallet as well! Man it was so good to see him again! He gave me his new phone number so hopefully he will get his life all figured out! I know that was no coincidence! Victor is going to come back!:) Prayers really are answered always!

Well, this week was incredible! Sister Ete and I just have the greatest time ever! I have learned so much from her.  I hope you all have a great summer week! Don't get sunburned (Brooke and Katelyn).
Love you all!
Sister Freeman

Sister Ete is a great photographer haha! ;) 

When our car broke down on the highway.

 Our investigator, Michael (in the orange). Josh (in the
pink) referred Michael to us!

 Our zone activity from today!! 
 Seneca Zone

We got to play sports in the park!

 Temple trip! The sisters all got to go to the temple! These are our roommates! 
Sister Liou and Sister So!

We all wore flowers!:)

Sister So

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  1. Sister Freeman...You are AWESOME!! Love reading about all the success your having. Lots of love!! -Ma Muller