Update from Maryland

Hello everyone!
This week was really good! We had a lot of training meetings for Sister Greenhalgh but it was still a pretty successful week! 

We had our last interview with President and Sister Cooke this week! It was bitter sweet! I love the Cookes so much! The biggest thing that I have learned from President Cooke is to never give up. To never turn back in a battle. To always keep going. He always always always tells us that we are true disciples of Jesus Christ and to wear His name strong and proud. He has really changed my life. Sister Cooke is the perfect example of someone who is always putting others first. She is just the best! She is a huge role model to me. Although I will miss the Cookes, I am excited to meet our new Mission President and his wife on July 1! 

Funny story: So somehow we found 4 toads in our apartment... how they got there we have no idea! I am on the very top bunk bed and Sister Higginson and Sister Greenhalgh told me that apparently at 1:00 in the morning I JUMPED off the bunk bed and screamed, "OH MY GOSH THERE IS A FROG IN MY BED" and then I climbed back up the bunk bed and went to sleep....  I don't recall any of it! Hahaha!! We had a good laugh over that! 

We went to a baptism for a little girl in our ward named Kailey. She is the cutest girl! We have been working with her family and teaching them lessons. We were just sitting there when all the sudden we heard the person conducting say, "Sister Freeman, Sister Greenhalgh and Sister Higginson will now be doing the musical number"..... haha we were like WHAT?! It was so funny! We ended up doing a pretty good job! We just sang Teach me to Walk in the Light! It is a good thing we are in a trio-- two people overpowering my horrible singing voice is better than one! ;) 

One of our recent coverts as of a week (Michael) introduced one of his friends, Min, to us! We got to teach him! We are so excited to see where this will go! Michael is doing so great! He told us that he wants to serve a mission and then attend BYU after!!! So exciting! 

This week for service, we got to go to the farm and pull weeds... for 5 hours! It was actually really fun! We had a good time! 

Well there isn't too much this week to report on so I will just leave you all with my testimony. 
I know that Jesus Christ is our Savior. I know that the atonement will carry us, if we let it. 
I always heard people say that the atonement would carry us, but I never knew what that felt like, until I got on a mission and had to fully and wholly rely on the atonement of Jesus Christ. Rely on the atonement with all your heart.  Prayer is power. We can not get through life without prayer. 
Lover you all! Have a great week! 
Sister Freeman

Our companionship...

Sister Greenhalgh, Higginson and me.

A cute little girl named Evelynn Hurt gave us this present at a member meal.

They were cute leis! It made our day! 

A lady in our ward gave us Maryland headbands!! 

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