GUESS WHAT! I received some crazy exciting news this week from President Cooke! He told me I will be training a brand new missionary!!!! I get to meet her on transfers this Wednesday! All I know about her is she speaks little English, so I'm guessing she is from out of the country! Ah I can't wait to meet her! I am going to miss Sister Ete so much! She has been such a huge example to me! This transfer has been so amazing! I feel like I have grown so much because of Sister Ete!:)

Oh my goodness this week was so good! Ismael got baptized yesterday! It was so incredible to see how happy he was after! I'll send some pictures! We are so proud of him for following the footsteps of Jesus Christ. We met with George, another member referral from the Gaithersburg YSA Branch, and the lesson was one of the most spiritual lessons on my mission. We were in a huge room, but man it was filled all the way to the top with the spirit. He wants to get baptized on July 3! He is so amazing! He has gone through a lot and has many trials in his life but he always trusts in God. He is such a huge example to me! Michael is doing well! He is so excited for his baptism on the 19th!
He came to Ismael's baptism and really enjoyed it! Ismael is such a huge example to our branch!:) Michael also told me he is going to apply to BYU!!!! AND he wants to serve a mission! Can you believe that?!! Man he has such a bright future ahead of him.

So Sister Ete and I set this goal at the beginning of the week of getting 30 doctrinal lessons! We decided we would do everything we could to get there and that God would make up the rest. So, it was Saturday and we were at 23 lessons. Right as we were talking about how we needed 7 more lessons and trying to think of ways we could get more lessons, Sister Ete said, "Well let's teach when we find." Literally right after Sister Ete said that, this lady stops her car and rolls down her window and said, "Oh my gosh I haven't seen Mormons in forever! I love you guys!" We then started to teach her and got her information so we could come back! This was such a cool experience for me!! We accomplished our goal! God is so aware of our righteously set goals and WILL help us fulfill them! I have such a strong testimony of that!

We had an interesting lesson with this man named George. How we came to meet him is a funny story... So he has been looking for his daughter that ran away 5 years ago. He called us up and said, "Hey girls so I have been trying to look for my daughter for 5 years. Someone told me to 1. Check Facebook to see if she is on there, 2. Call the police to see if they can help, and 3. Talk to the Mormon missionaries because they are good at finding people!" Haha! It was so funny! We met up with him and taught him the first lesson. He is really sweet! We will see how that goes!

We got to go to the farm this week to help out with service! Sister Ete and I, and another companionship was assigned to 'deadhead' the flower bushes! So Sister Ete and I started on one side and the other companionship went to the other side... Somehow, Sister Ete and I missed the memo of only cutting the DEAD flowers off haha... We cut off all of them! It was funny to see the different sides! We ended up just sticking the flowers back on the bush so they would look somewhat normal haha! We had a good laugh about that!

This week was so great! It was such a great way to end this transfer! I can't wait for the experiences to come in the next transfer! A verse that stood out to me in personal studies this week was Helaman 15:6, "Yea, I say unto you, that the more part of them are doing this, and they are striving with unwearied diligence that they may bring the remainder of their brethren to the knowledge of the truth; therefore there are many who do add to their numbers daily." This stood out to me because it just reminded me of what missionaries do, we strive with unwearied diligence , with dedication, with all our heart, might, mind, and strength to bring the truth to the people who are searching for it. If you are looking for truth, and searching, you will find it. God will reveal it to you by His spirit. With out the spirit we would have no connection to heaven. I am so grateful for the spirit and for the chance I have to see it work in other people's lives and in my own life. I know this church is true and am going to try my best to share it with unwearied diligence. Love you all! Keep on working hard! Never give up.
Love, Sister Freeman

ISMAEL'S BAPTISM! :) He is the one on the right!

 Rob, the guy to the left of Ismael got to baptize him!

After we got 30 lessons!:)

 Sabrina comes out with us to lessons! She is SO AWESOME!
She just told us how she is going to serve a mission when she turns 19!! We are so happy for her!

We met our investigators at the the DC temple visitors center for a tour! 
It was such a good experience!

Your weekly selfies from Sister Ete and Sister Freeman haha ;)

(Here is Megan's tag picture that she sent to me this morning!  I LOVE it!!)

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