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This week has been AMAZING! Festival of Lights has started and the Visitors' Center is poppin'!!!!  So many miracles happen each night!! Here are a few highlights from the week:

Monday: We have been working with the part member families in our ward and there is this Persian family from Iran that invited us over for dinner. The wife is a member and the husband is not but was super excited for us to come and have dinner! They both have crazy back stories. They are miracles and I am so glad that they are in our ward! We are excited to go back over there!

Tuesday: AMBASSADOR NIGHT!!!!! SO, Ambassador Night is where all the ambassadors come to the Visitors' Center for a special lighting ceremony to start out the Festival of Lights at the Visitors' Center! It was so amazing to get to meet people from all over the world!!! Another amazing highlight of that night was that ELDER STEVENSON (one of the 12 apostles) CAME TO AMBASSADOR NIGHT!!! It was really amazing the spirit that was felt when he walked in! He shook my companions' and my hand and spoke with us for a little over 5 minutes! It was the best day of my life!!!

Wednesday: DIPLOMAT NIGHT!!!!! Diplomat night is a lot like ambassador night except not quite as fancy! It is still amazing and it was so much fun! THE COOKES CAME!! The Cooke's were our former mission president and wife before President Johnson got here! It was so great to talk with him and to catch up! I almost cried when I saw President and Sister Cooke! They are amazing people! Earlier on Wednesday Sister Haertling and I were checking up on a man named Michael. We got to his house and he wasn't home! We then remembered that another person that the ward referred to us lived like two minutes away. And so we were guided to the Khademi family. We found out that the wife is less active and the husband isn't a member. They were actually really excited to see us and wanted us to come back next week!!:D We set a goal to work with the part member families in the ward and the Lord truly is guiding us every step of the way!

Thursday: FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS STARTED!!! Oh man Festival of Lights has begun and it is awesome!! Something really cool was that some of the people from Studio C came to the Visitors' Center and we got to meet them! It was really fun!

Saturday: We went to visit an AWESOME recent convert named Marty and he said the SWEETEST prayer before we left. He said, "
I'm so grateful for these two wonderful sisters, please bless that these sisters can stay in my life for a very long time. I know that there will be transfers, but we can be friends forever and we can stay FB friends.  I love these sisters, in the name of Jesus Christ, amen." It was the cutest thing ever! We love Marty! He is such a huge example to us! He has had quite the past but still managed to find the blessings this gospel brings!! 

Sunday: I LOVE Sundays. They are always so sweet and so fabulous. On Sunday evening this really neat family came into the Visitors' Center. They originally came in with some preconceived notion's about our church. But it was so great to be able to take them around and resolve any rumors or false things they have heard. They even wanted to learn more after, and accepted missionaries coming over to visit them! It was so amazing and such a tender mercy. During Festival of Lights, we show the 2 minute Christmas video right as you exit the nativity room. It is about Christ's birth and how we can remember our Savior this Christmas. I was walking past and I found a big group drawn to it watching it. As the video went on I saw almost everyone in tears as everyone was watching it and feeling the spirit. The spirit was so strong and it was really neat to get to talk to some of the people after! That video is so powerful and has softened so many people's hearts! Here is the link again to watch it:  Mormon.org 

Here is a short spiritual thought from this week! During my studies one day I found this quote that went something like this: "If the Book of Mormon would help dispel the darkness of over 2,000 years of apostasy, think of how much more the Book of Mormon can dispel the darkness out of OUR lives." I love this quote and I love the light the Book of Mormon brings into our lives as we read it! It truly is an amazing testament of Jesus Christ! Sorry this email is so rushed we didn't have too much time today! Love you all! 
Sister Freeman
Here are some pictures! 

  The sisters with Elder Stevenson!! 
Selfie with Elder Stevenson!! 
 Sister Haertling and I 
 Diplomat night and hot chocolate!


Nativity camel haha!

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