Merry Christmas!

Hey family and friends! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!:) 

This week we were able to have a couple really neat experiences. The first one was when we were on shift at the Visitors' Center a couple of days ago in the morning. We were so happy to see this amazing Chinese family come in. They spoke very little English but wanted to know and learn more about our beliefs and Jesus Christ. We were at the temple model explaining what happens inside temples and they were having a really hard time understanding English. We felt so bad because we could tell they wanted to understand so badly. I said a silent prayer... and literally two seconds later the Chinese missionaries were led into the doors of the Visitors' Center. We saw them come in so we grabbed them and they were able to communicate better with them in Chinese. The Chinese elders got their information and are going to go back and visit them in their home and teach them more! It was such a miracle! 

Our other neat experience that happened this week was with an elderly lady named Victoria. We got a referral to go and visit a family in an outdoor apartment complex but it had no apartment number on it, just the building. So we decided to tract the whole apartment building in hopes to find this family. In the process of looking for that family, we met this sweet old lady from Bolivia. She quickly invited us in and gave us some cookies and water and was so grateful that we came. She told us how she has recently lost her husband and she was feeling very lonely and sad. She sad that us being there made her happy. It was cool to explain to her that we can be happy through Jesus Christ and how He has a plan for us and that we will see our loved ones again. She loved the fact that we are never alone because we have Christ. As we prayed with her, she just started bawling and she felt the spirit so strongly. We are so happy we were led to her home that day and that she was humble enough to let us in and let the spirit comfort her. We look forward to the Spanish missionaries going over to teach her more about Gods plan of happiness. 

Christmas was amazing. Our whole mission got together and we had a wonderful devotional with President and Sister Johnson. They fed us some yummy lunch too! It was a lovely day. A highlight of the week was getting to skype home! That was so amazing and it was so good to see my family. They are a huge blessing to me and my source of strength and support. I miss them so much! On Christmas Day we had over 9,400 people come into the Visitors' Center! It was AWESOME! It was so busy and so many miracles happened!!! Festival of Lights has been so incredible!! I love this time of year! 

Well I love you all! Have a safe and happy new year! See you all next year! 
Sister Freeman 

 We got to go to the city today!! We went and saw the Hirshorn Museum .  It is a museum of modern art! It was really cool!

 SKYPING! (I'm not sure where McKenzie went, haha!)


Elder Fowler (the VC Director) reading all the VC sisters the
Christmas story of the birth of Jesus Christ in Luke on Christmas Eve.

Christmas Eve mission lunch.

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