Happy December!

Hi everyone!!
Long story short, Sister Haertling got strep throat and has had it for the past couple days along with a high fever and so we were instructed just to take our p day today (instead of tomorrow) so Sister Haertling can recover and be ready to go back out by tomorrow! But all the other weeks in December our p days will be on Tuesdays! 

As far as our week has been... it has been pretty good considering Sister Haertling being really sick! We had the wonderful privilege of getting to hear from Elder Kim B. Clark, a member of the 70. He came and had a mission tour with our mission. It was one of the most instructive and life changing events on my mission! He talked a lot about how we can become better missionaries and servants of the Lord. He gave us so many things and training on how we can put all he had taught us into action!! Something that I really liked from his training was he said, "God works on EVERY person's life. God prepares people and He also prepares you and He works in your life and is preparing you for things down the road. He is preparing things that will bless your lives and some of those things are in the people who you meet who are prepared to hear your message." Then he went on to say, "Think about it, the most powerful person IN THE UNIVERSE (God) is preparing and working with the people in your area. All you have to do is find people through faith and obedience" (Elder Clark). It is so neat how General Authorities and church leaders are completely guided by the spirit as they teach. It truly was an amazing experience to be able to hear him speak with us all day long! One more thing that I really liked that he said was, "Christ had the people feel the wounds in His hands so they could feel the power of HIS atonement and feel of His love. Help the people who you teach feel of Gods love so they can feel the power of the Atonement of Jesus Christ. You can help them feel of that love by your light, faith, and obedience" (Elder Clark). I love this and I love how we all can come to know the atonement so strongly in our lives as if we were actually feeling the wounds in His hands. 

Highlight of the week: I don't know if you remember Amanda, but she is a sweet lady I have been teaching online at the Visitors' Center that got baptized a few weeks ago! Well, her daughter Gracie just got baptized!!!!!!!! So that was so exciting!!!!!!!!! Their family is so incredible and I love their testimonies of how this gospel blesses their families! 

I love you all!!! 
Sister Freeman 

 Front desk coat checkers from diplomat night.
 We sent out our Christmas packages to our families!! :D
 Sister Ram! We used to be roomates a couple of TRANSFERS ago! 
 Helping a family decorate their Christmas tree!:D

 I can't remember if I already sent this!!! (Nope.)
This is mom-- I got this picture of Megan this week in a text from April.  Here's what she said:
"These sweet sisters came by last minute. Such a tender mercy tonight
to be able to feel the spirit they bring and be uplifted."

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