Our Christmas Skype!

After church we went home and finished opening up all of our gifts, and then had breakfast (lunch), waiting for our Skype call with Megan!!! She called just after 12noon, and it was so GREAT to talk with her and see and hear her voice! The only thing that would've been better would've been to give her a great big HUG! Oh how I wanted to do that!!!!! But we had such a wonderful visit with her and at points in our conversation with her, she got emotional and broke down and cried-- something she hasn't done in the other two Skype calls we've had with her. And of course, these emotions caused me and others to get emotional too! Man it's hard to have her so far away, but knowing that it's right where she's supposed to be!! She has such tender feelings toward us (and I'm sure she really misses us), but also about the gospel and her mission and the experiences that she's having! It's going to be so hard for her when it's time for her to come home!! She shared her testimony of the gospel and specifically about the Book of Mormon and her love for that book!! She shared Ether 6:5 and likened the furious wind to her experience as a missionary and how it is not always easy, but that those "winds" are what Heavenly Father sends to bless us with the growth and experiences we need and eventually steer us to the promised land, or in our case, to return to live with Him again. I loved hearing her thoughts, perspective and feelings about this. When it came time to end our call, it was SO HARD to hang up! We made her do it!! When that screen went blank I immediately felt a sadness that's hard to describe-- maybe more of an emptiness-- even though my house is FULL of the people that I love! It's hard for mothers to be missing one of their children! But I know she's really not "missing" at all, and that she will be home before we know it! She is where she is supposed to be and having such great and beautiful experiences sharing the gospel with others. Another point where she got emotional is when she said that it's hard to share the gospel because so many don't accept it. She said it's hard because the gospel is so very important and special to her that she wants to share it with everyone and have them feel the joy that she has felt... I think every single missionary in this world that has ever served can relate to these feelings, Megan!!!! It's comforting to know that many of these people will accept the gospel eventually, and that important seeds are being planted right now. It's also important to remember that everyone has their agency, and that Heavenly Father fiercely protects this agency! It's hard, but all part of His plan! Well, it was a great day! We love our missionary!!!!!!

 Soooo good to see you Megan!

 Pictures with Megan!!

Growing into such a beautiful woman!  We love our missionary!!!

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