Miracle Week :)

Hello!! (To everyone that still reads these emails) :) This week flew by so fast! I am so excited to share some experiences!! Lots happened.
So Friday was a pretty awesome day. We had interviews with President and Sister Johnson! I love them so much. They always give the best advice and are such huge examples to me. They are the best! While we were waiting for our interviews, an Elder came up to Sister Larson and I and asked me if I knew a Victor. After thinking for a little bit, I instantly said YES. Backing up a little bit: Victor was my very first contact, very first lesson, very first miracle on the mission. We taught him and he wanted to get baptized but then fell into some old habits and fell off the face of the earth. A series of unfortunate events happened to him and there was no way to contact him. So I got transferred out of the DC 2nd area to go to the Montgomery Village area and 6 months later (some of you might remember this story) I randomly saw Victor again while in that area. I was super excited to see him and got his contact information again but then the same type of thing happened for the second time and we lost contact.  Lately I have been thinking a lot about Victor, especially since I am back in the DC 2nd area and so when they asked me if I knew a Victor, I was super excited. The Elders went on to say that they ran into him while they were out contacting one day (I am so glad they chose to talk to EVERYONE) and they said that when they talked to him the first thing Victor asked was if they knew a Sister Griffin or Sister Freeman (Sister Griffin was my companion at the time). The elders said yes! And Victor told them how he was praying for a way to get back in contact with us!! He felt so bad. So they got his email address and ahhh it was a huge miracle. I know Victor will get baptized one day and I know he will change his life around. I am so excited to get in contact with Victor again and I am so grateful for how God puts us exactly where he needs us.
Later on Friday night, we had to go to the chapel to pick something up. As we were there, I saw CAROLINE!!! She was having a lesson with the missionaries who are teaching her now! Caroline is someone who we taught a little bit when I was in Bethesda. She was a member referral from a sweet man named Marty. We had to pass her to the Chevy Chase Elders, because she lived out of our boundaries. But when I ran into her she said she was getting baptized on February 11th. That was
such great news!!!!! We got to talk a little bit. I love Caroline she is so awesome.
So to conclude our wonderful Friday of exciting news, since we are in a YSA ward, we get to bring our investigators to a little fun game night that the ward puts on! We brought Mary Clare and we were all just talking when I see a familiar face. I realize it was Brian!!!! Brian was someone who we taught a year ago when I was in DC 2nd. He unfortunately lost interest in the gospel, so we stopped teaching him. But he randomly came to game night and he said he was just led there and he felt like he should come. That was another miracle! Friday was such a tender mercy day and it confirmed to me that God truly does know where we need to be to impact other people's lives. He knows the full plan for us. I know that this area is exactly where I need to be (again) and that there are people here that are prepared now.
Sunday was such a fabulous day!! Haha, it was wonderfully hectic. So we were so happy, FOUR of our investigators were able to come to church yesterday! It was awesome but the crazy part was getting them there and making sure they all felt welcome. Ha I wish I could describe the struggles but it was quite an eventful morning. Ha but they all came and enjoyed it. One of our investigators that came, Mary Clare, is so solid. She told us that she made a promise with her and God that she would never miss a day of church, unless she was sick. It was so sweet. Later on Sunday a member in the ward invited us over for dinner and she invited Luana as well. Luana came to church with them last week and LOVED it. She said how she was interested in learning more! So we went over for dinner with them and ended up having a super spiritual lesson with Luana afterward. Real quick background on Luana. She is this super sweet and optimistic girl from Brazil. She has a couple friends who are members of the church that she works with. She was telling us how everything always pointed back to this church. She said that there were so many things that came up that led her on this path. She said she felt like something was missing but when she came to church she felt like it was all coming together. We taught her about the Book of Mormon and gave her a copy. She was SO grateful that we gave her a copy. It was so sweet the gratitude she expressed to us. Something cool about the lesson, instead of us inviting her to be baptized, she told us how she wanted to join!!! It was so cute! It was a miracle and we are so excited for her and for her commitment to work towards her special day! A lot of people in the DC 2nd ward speak Portuguese because they are returned missionaries from Brazil, so that has been so great for Luana! The DC 2nd ward is so great and so missionary minded! It is the best!
So some of you might know, but all the missionaries around the world had a broadcast and some things were changed in our daily schedule and key indicators!! I attached a picture of what our new schedule looks like but some differences are, we have an extra half hour to get ready in the mornings, we plan for the day in the morning, instead of at night, we only have a half hour for lunch instead of an hour, and we can do companionship study at any time throughout the day. IT IS CRAZY. The schedule is also different for those serving in Africa (they have to be in earlier at night) and Latin America (they have to stay out later at night). But it was a really good broadcast and I'm glad I get to experience these changes! They are so inspired.
Love you all!
Sister Megan Elizabeth Freeman :)
Picture with Elder Bennett (General Authority 
that came and spoke to us) from forever ago. 
Picture with 2 Apostles and some General Authorities that
came to speak to us a couple weeks ago. (Elder Ballard and Elder Rasband) 

 Interfaith concert our zone got to help out with.
It was so much fun!

 The Washington DC Temple
  Old missionary schedule...
 New missionary schedule.

 New p day schedule.
This picture was sent in a text to Mom this week.  A member (April) from the Bethesda Ward was able to take Sister Larson and Sister Freeman to lunch and Coldstone.  I am always impressed with the members in this mission!  They take such good care of the missionaries!

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  1. How fun that you were able to have a "grandma lunch" while on your mission...so many mile away from grandma!