Happy New Year!

Hey everyone!
Festival of Lights is officially OVER! Wooh! It was so fun but I'm glad the craziness is going to be back to normal. We exceeded our goal of getting 1,600 referrals and ended up getting a little over that! So that means of all the people that came in, over 1,600 families said they were interested in learning more and having missionaries come over and teach them. It was so exciting not just because we reached our goal, but to know that these families will be able to hear more about God's restored gospel that is here on this earth to bless us and to bring us joy. I am kind of sad Festival is over. It is bitter sweet. I loved getting to meet so many people from around the world who came in to enjoy the spirit of the Visitors' Center. Hopefully I will get to come again during Christmas time with my family next year! ;) ;) (Right mom?) Hahahaha!  ;)

We had a busy but excellent week! Our area has received around 32 referrals from the Festival of Lights and from requests on Mormon.org, so that has been keeping us very busy. We are seeing so many miracles with these people and love getting to meet all of them.

Update on Feibergue and his family: So this is the family from Brazil that we met at Festival of Lights and he is in our area! So we went over this past week and he and his family were SO NICE. They had us come in and they gave us food and it was lovely! They were so receptive to our message and really appreciated us coming by. We gave them a copy of the Book of Mormon and they were so grateful for it and had a sincere desire to read it. It was so neat. They told us to come again soon! It was so sweet! I am in love with their family. While we were teaching them about the Plan of Salvation, I had a really neat experience/ flash back. So my mom and dad served their missions in Brazil and while we were teaching them, I pictured my mom and dad teaching the people of Brazil. It was a tender moment and I am so grateful for my mom and dad and their loving example.  We have met SO many people from Brazil with Festival of Lights and everything. It has been a blessing and it is always neat to have that connection. Love you mom and dad!

I hope you all have a joyful week!
Love, Sister Freeman

 Our mission!

 No scratch that- there was a BLIZZARD ;)


Before district meeting!

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