Meetings with TWO Apostles!!!

Hello everyone! This week was SO busy but SO good at the same time.

So we had transfers on Wednesday and GUESS WHAT?!?!? I got transferred BACK to the DC 2nd Singles ward!!!!!!! That was the first area that I served in! I am so excited! My companion is Sister Larson and she is from California. She is the greatest person ever. We both came out around the same time and so have gotten supper close over this past year so we are SO happy to be together!

On Saturday, both our mission and the DC South Mission got to meet together and hear from and shake the hands of TWO Apostles! It was one of the most amazing and most spiritual experiences I have had in my whole life. The Apostles that came were Elder Rasband and Elder Ballard. They were accompanied by Elder Gong, Elder Bennett, Elder Perkins, and Elder Meurs (General Authorities from the church). We got to hear from each of them. SO COOL. The spirit was SO THICK in the room. When all of them walked in, we all stood up and the spirit was so overwhelming everyone was just in tears. It was such a strong testimony builder. As the opening song, we sang 'Joseph Smiths First Prayer' and it was such a neat experience and the spirit that I felt confirmed my testimony even more of Prophets and Apostles. It was so sweet to hear 500 missionaries singing this hymn. A common theme of the meeting was the Atonement of Jesus Christ and learning about the power and blessings that flow into our lives as we think of what happened in the Garden of Gethsemane. Elder Rasband said, "When I get tired, I picture my Savior in the Garden of Gethsemane." This can give us the strength we need. He went on to say that that is why Christ LOVES it when we repent, because we are taking advantage of what He did in the Garden of Gethsemane. Jesus Christ took the sins of all those who would repent! Elder Rasband also said that today was a very unique day where we get to hear from two Apostles and all of our area 70!! So Sister Larson and I sat on the front row, and as the Apostles and General Authorities left the room, we all stood and waited for them to leave the room and Elder Ballard came up to us and said, "You keep working hard!" and then touched my arm!!! Ah so cool. This meeting was so amazing and renewed our fire!! One of my favorite things that was said was, "When you understand the worth of souls, you understand what happened in the Garden of Gethsemane."

Sunday was an another amazing day. So just a couple months ago, the FIRST YSA Stake on the East Coast was formed!!!!!! So on Sunday we got to go to the YSA Stake Conference since we serve in the DC 2nd Singles Ward. Since it is the first YSA Stake, Elder Rasband AND Elder Ballard AND Elder Gong also came to attend and speak at this meeting. Here was what was the coolest thing ever... so we brought one of our investigators to the Stake Conference, Mary Clare and somehow we were at the right place at the right time and Mary Clare GOT TO MEET ELDER BALLARD AND SHAKE HIS HAND!! Mary Clare had the hugest smile on her face. She told Elder Ballard she is getting baptized on February 12th and he smiled and said, "Yes I know and can tell you are ready" and then he went on to say, "You are going to love this church. It is true." It was so cute! Mary Clare said she felt the sprit and was so happy to shake the hand of an Apostle of the church. That was the coolest thing ever! I wish all of our investigators could shake the hands of an Apostle!!!

Saturday and Sunday was such a neat opportunity!!

To end, I just want to share a quick miracle we experienced this week! So we were out tracting one day and we met this SUPER nice family from Iran. They invited us right in and were anxious to hear the message that we had. We taught them and their two adorable girls about prayers and how we can communicate with God. They were so happy and scheduled a return appointment. We are excited to pass them to a family ward and for them to attend church and be taught more from the missionaries! They were so kind and it made my day to meet this family!

Love you all!!

 Sister Larson and I.

Elder Rasband!! We got to shake all their hands at the beginning of the meeting!

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