Hey family and friends!
This week was super duper great!!:)

I will start out with a special miracle of all miracles we had this week. So we got an awesome Mormon.org referral show up in our Area Book. Her name is Carter and we gave her a call and she was SO HAPPY to hear from us. Missionaries contacted her over a year ago on the street and gave her a Mormon.org card and a Book of Mormon. Carter has moved over three times to different places within the past year but kept the Book of Mormon with her everywhere she went. Just last week Carter decided to go on the Mormon.org website and chatted with missionaries online and requested to be able to learn more! Turns out, she lives in our area and so the referral sent through to us!!!!!! We had a lesson with her this week and OH MY GOODNESS. SHE IS THE MOST PREPARED PERSON I HAVE EVER MET!!! She is so perfect. She accepted to be baptized on April 1st!!!!! She came to church on Sunday and had the best time ever! The ward all fellowshipped her so well and made her feel so welcome! She made so many friends!! After church she texted us and this is what she said in the text, "I've been praying and meditating for the past hour and have been blessed with a revelation of truth. I'm so hungry for this new truth and I can't wait to meet with you on Wednesday and can NOT wait for my baptism on April 1st." When Sister Larson and I read this text, WE WERE SO HAPPY! It was a huge miracle. I am so grateful for the missionaries that gave Carter the Mormon.org card a year ago! Carter is seriously amazing and I am so excited to meet with her this week!!:) 

The YSA Ward is doing so great!! When we go over to have member meals, we have been trying really hard to get the members excited to do missionary work and Elder Ballard promised our mission when he came that if we taught one of the missionary discussions to the members when we go over, that we would see more success with the ward being involved in missionary work! So we have been doing this and GUESS WHAT? At church on Sunday we got FIVE member referrals!!  It was super great! 

We got to go to the city today! We went to Fords Theatre where Abraham Lincoln was assassinated, we went to the Archives where they have the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, and we went to the National Portrait Gallery, and we got to also go to the Natural History Museum (BEST MUSEUM EVER!). 

Love you all!!
Sister Freeman 
Exchanges with Sister Stevens!!
Ford Theatre

Modern art in the National Portrait Gallery... 

First floor of the Natural History Museum.

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