Hey everybody!

This week was so great!! Here is an update on some of the people who we are working with!!

Carter: CARTER IS SO AMAZING. We had another lesson with her and she came to church again and loved it! Ah she is so incredible. Everything makes so much sense to her. She was telling us how this is filling her gap of emptiness and it is making her feel so good. She said the Book of Mormon has answered her prayers!! Ah she is so amazing! Her testimony has grown so much!! She is so excited for her baptism on April 1st! We might move it up a week! But she is doing great!

Mary Clare: She is doing so great!! In addition to her visiting teaching, she got a calling!!! She is a ward missionary and she has been so great at that! She brought one of her friends to the Visitors' Center, and her friend agreed to come to church!!!! She also texts all of our investigators and is such a great friend to them! AND here is the greatest news of all.... WE WENT TO THE TEMPLE AND DID BAPTISMS WITH HER THERE!! SHE EVEN DID FAMILY HISTORY WORK AND FOUND FAMILY NAMES TO DO! AH IT WAS SO COOL!!! It was a crazy but special experience for her! Right after we went to the recent convert temple trip, we went to the Visitors' Center because AL FOX WAS THERE!!!! Al Fox, for those who don't know, is also known as the tattooed Mormon and has a really neat conversion story and is super famous and has written a book about her story. It was super cool because Al Fox's blog and her book helped Mary Clare so much in her conversion! We have special connections ;) and got to bring Mary Clare up to meet Al Fox and it was the sweetest thing ever! Mary Clare bawled!! It was so sweet! It was a very good night!!

Luana: she is doing alright! She still has so much faith but is having a hard time with some commandments! Keep her in your prayers!!!!!!!!

We had a busy week of meetings, interviews, and more meetings but it was GREAT! Mark Luzvardi (head of all the Visitors' Centers around the world) came and trained all of the Visitors' Center sisters and it was really cool. He also came to our MLC and gave a really neat training to the mission leadership! He is an incredible man!

Okay to end, here is the highlight of all highlights.... drum roll...

BETTY AND HER HUSBAND GOT SEALED IN THE TEMPLE!!!! So for those who don't remember Betty, she came on to Mormon.org last January and requested a finding faith in Christ DVD. I sent the request to the local missionaries and kept in touch with her. She and her husband, Richard, got baptized shortly after that AND JUST LAST WEEK SHE AND HER HUSBAND WERE SEALED IN THE TEMPLE!!!!!!!! It was so exciting to hear! She said she would send pictures, so I will send them as soon as I get them! But it is just so sweet how Betty and her husband have come this far and made promises with each other and with God to stay faithful and to be together for time and all eternity. It is so powerful. On the phone she just kept saying how happy she was and how she felt the spirit so strongly!! I am so glad that families can be together forever!!

Love you all!

PS: We are supposed to get a huge snow storm tonight... 12 inches of snow!!!!!! CRAZY.

PSS: The Washington DC temple is closing down in March 2018 for renovations and some fixing up for two years. In 2020, it will open up again and they are going to do an open house to the public before they rededicate it!!  I am really excited for that! They are expecting millions of people to come! The Visitors' Center will stay open during that!! Haha all the VC sisters called dibs on helping out when it reopens haha! I'm super excited!
Al Fox at the Visitors' Center for a youth event!!!



What Al Fox wrote in Mary Clare's book .

We went to the Washington National Cathedral today and it was really cool!!



We ran into some members while in line to go in and they paid for us!!
It was so sweet and a huge blessing!!


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