Ten Months and Baptisms!!!!

Hi everybody!
This week was super great! Sorry this email is so long, there is just so much good news! I can't believe it has already been 10 months!! Time needs to slow down just a little bit! So the temple is closed for about a month for maintenance, so the Visitors' Center has been slow these last couple of days, but there has still been lots of spiritual experiences and miracles! Yesterday, a couple from Albania came in and were super nice people. They were so curious about our beliefs! After explaining everything, we asked if they would like to meet with missionaries in Albania to learn more
about our beliefs, and they said YES! So we are super excited to follow up with them to see how things go!

This week we met with some incredible people who are progressing really well but before I talk about them, I just want to say that AJ AND KAYHLIA GOT BAPTIZED! I taught these fantastic people in my last area! AJ was the 13 year old boy that I always talked about and Kayhlia is the girl who was dating a member in the YSA branch! I am so proud of AJ and Kayhlia who made this important decision! I will try and send pictures of the baptism that the missionaries sent me! 

Okay so Sister Rishi- She is the greatest lady ever! She is in the ward that we are serving in! She tells us to call her our mom! She is always looking out for us! She is such a huge example to me! She says that she "died 4 times" and God has kept her on this earth to finish her journey. She has had so many trials in life but is so strong. She gives us the tightest hugs every time we see her to the point where I think my eyes might bulge out! ;)

Lily- Lily is doing fabulous! She is recovering well from her surgery. The last time we met with her, we had some men from the ward come and give her a priesthood blessing!  She said that really helped her and that she knows everything will be okay!

Rachel- We had a cool experience with Rachel! So She is the one who really wants to get baptized, but her parents are not on board with it at all. My companions and I decided to fast for her that her parents might have a change of heart and guess what! Her parents allowed her to come to church with us on Sunday! We were able to have a really neat discussion with Rachel's parents! She is making slow progress, but I know that it will all work out.

Iniba- So we met Iniba while we were out tracting one day. When we got to her door, Sister Shin LOVES to sing and so she asked Iniba if she could sing her a song! Iniba agreed and when we told her what it was called (Families Can Be Together Forever) she said, "Oh hang on, I need that song, let me get my phone so I can record it!" She really enjoyed the song and wanted us to come back! We are super excited for that! I know that music is a great way to bring the spirit into a lesson.

Carter- So we had dinner at a members house last night and they invited a boy named Carter to join us. Carter is 9 years old and is such a sweet boy. We were able to teach them about faith with an object lesson for the kids. Carter told us how he wants to learn more and see us again! He is a cute little boy!

Ah man there is so much more to write about, this week was just so great! I love you all! Here is a quote to leave you all with, "Pray for the spirit's guidance and valiantly follow the promptings you receive."  I know this is so true! The spirit can and will guide us if we only follow it! 
Sister Freeman

 Kayhlia's baptism!! 
(I'll send pictures from AJ's baptism when I get them!)

Our zone went and did service for an organization called A Wider Circle. This organization helps out homeless people! We organized and went through things that can be given to the homeless!!
 It was a neat opportunity!

Sister McArthur had us comb out her hair...  


Zone activity today!

We got to play indoor soccer and make pizza!

The member meal last night. Carter is the boy in the middle with the long hair. 
(Sorry my eyes are closed haha!) 

A lady came into the Visitor's Center and gave us these sunglasses... Haha!

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  1. Love the photos, you look adorable. Happy to hear about all the discussions you are able to have. Keep up the good work.