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Hello! :D
We had a good week with lots of ups and downs! We had interviews with President and Sister Johnson! They are just the greatest people ever!! They both are so kind hearted and always say exactly what I need to hear! Sister Johnson is such an inspired and incredible lady! I love them so much! They are making a ton of changes in the mission but I think it is so great and I continue to see the blessings flow into the mission from these inspired changes. I know they are changes from God to help us all improve.

The spirit led us to this man named Fayiah!!!!! We found out that he is  actually a less active member in our area and that the rest of his family were nonmembers! On Wednesday we had the wonderful opportunity to go over and teach his family about the plan God has for us. They all really enjoyed it and agreed to getting baptized! It was such a cool experience. This family is so amazing. They have two kids that were there and they are angels! It was so great! I am so excited to see what happens with them!

On Thursday I got to give a workshop on bearing testimony... Which was really funny because right when they asked me to give it, my companions and I just had a wonderful experience with bearing testimony...  we were out tracting and kept feeling prompted to talk with people who ended up not wanting anything to do with us or our message! We were all so confused why we kept getting prompted to talk with these people who clearly weren't interested. Right as we were wondering this, God told us very clearly and very powerfully to testify. The next person we talked to after this was very argumentative as well, but we all decided to testify and show him a spiritual video. The guy started to cry and shake and ended up just staring at us. The spirit was so strong, and we knew he felt that. It is amazing, the authority that missionaries are called to have combined with testimony is truly unstoppable. Testifying will always bring in the spirit.

We got to teach a lot of wonderful people this week! Things are picking back up as summer ends! I love you all and want you all to know that I have a strong testimony of our Savior. I know that He lives and each and every day I feel closer and closer to Him through the acts that invite the spirit. I am so grateful to be back in the visitor's center and to see the miracles that happen each and every day! Have a wonderful, spiritual week!
Love, Sister Freeman

We were walking to our dinner appointment AND I SAW DANI!!!!
Dani is a member from my first area!! She is so great!!!!!

One of our sweet investigators (Lily) and her son (Liam).

Our trio with Lily and Liam.

Marty!!! He is a really awesome recent convert!

We found Sister Shin a Korean market!! She was in heaven!!!!!!!! ;) 

We went to the city today...

and went to the National Museum of the American Indian!

It was SO COOL!

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