Tender Mercies!

The following was emailed to Bill today from Jen Sharp in our stake:

Our good friend Laura Gutzwiller just moved to Virginia and sent me this today! Dave actually baptized Laura on his mission in Illinois. Here is what she had to say:

"She is radiant - and seems sooo happy!  'A perfect missionary - please tell her parents!  She was so excited to have the 'Sharp connection', and I think it made her feel close to home. Tender mercies. 😇😇  She was at the Temple Visitor's Center, when we met her. Isn't it always remarkable/amazing, how we are put in people's paths?!  It wasn't a chance meeting, by any means. She works at the Visitor's Center half the day and then works in her area the other half of the day."

So sweet. And what a great report. You and Mindy are great parents!!

 This is the picture Laura took of Megan! 

My response to Jen:

Bill just forwarded this to me.  Thank you so much!!  It does a momma heart good to get emails like these!  Thank you!  I’m so glad that this sweet woman forwarded this experience on!  We are definitely not put in each other’s paths on accident! I know Megan loves your girls and the Sharp family! ;)
Thank you!!

It's interesting what a small world it is. We find that over and over. It gives me comfort too knowing the Lord watches out for us. I just got this back from Laura: 

"If Sister Freeman has a birthday, etc, and they want to surprise her with something, please let me know - we can be their 'legs on the ground'. I'll check on her, when we go to the temple! (It's not close, by any means, but everything is relative, isn't it?!  We could be journeying country borders to reach a temple!)"

Laura is a great second mom to anyone and really means it! 

Ah this is so great!!  Tell her thank you so much!  What a sweet offer!!

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