Hi family and friends!
This week was CRAZY! So much happened so I am just going to bullet point everything!

Miracles in the Visitors' Center:
-Before our shift at the Visitors' Center on Tuesday, we prayed that we would be able to have a miracle! A man named Ron came into the Visitors' Center and so we took him around.  He started out not wanting to change any of his bad habits and thinking he was too deep in sin to change. It was really cool to see the change in him as the tour progressed. Right in the middle of the tour we realized HE was our miracle. We took Ron into the 'Because He Lives' exhibit and that was when we really saw Ron have a change of heart. It was so cool to see Ron gain hope through Jesus Christ. Towards the end of the tour he was in tears and had such a strong desire to live a more Christlike life.
Change can be so scary, but when you help people know that change is good and comes from Jesus Christ, it gives them more hope! At the end of the tour, Ron asked us if we could send missionaries to him! This was such a neat experience for us! Change is how we use the atonement of Jesus Christ!
- Jessie McClain. She called into Mormon.org and I answered her phone call in the teaching center at the Visitors' Center! She wanted to have a free copy of the Book of Mormon! I started asking her questions and getting to know her and she told us that she wants to know more about our beliefs. She said she was driving and was in the process of finding a new church to attend. She said a silent prayer to herself, opened her eyes and then saw 'The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints' right in front of her! I called her local missionaries and they went and visited her that night! It was so neat!
- Last night we got to teach a group of people from Ethiopia, and a group of people from China! The people from Ethiopia came in and told us "We had to come in and learn more about the Mormons!" They were so sweet and so willing to learn! The group of people from China came in and wanted a picture with us... Haha and were so interested in learning more! There was a little bit of a language barrier but the gospel and the spirit still got through to them and touched them!:) I love getting to meet people at the Visitors' Center that come in!

Tara and Reza Ghanadan- they are the couple who are not members, but have a son serving a mission in Australia! We had a lesson with them and they are doing so well! We brought a member with us and they had so many comments that helped them. They are progressing pretty well and love learning about the same gospel their son is teaching!
Doris- She is one of our new investigators!!!!! She requested a Bible, so we went and delivered it to her and she wanted to learn more! I will keep you all updated on her!

Well I love you all!:) Have a great week! I wish I had time to write more!:) 
Sister Freeman

Dinner at Sister Lin's house! She made us yummy Asian food!

We found this horse...

Korean noodles!!!

They are cleaning up angel Moroni!

Us and Tara Ghanadan!

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