11 Months!!

Hi everyone! This week was fantastic! Here are a few highlights!

- I found out Deanna got baptized!!!! Woo! I taught her in my last area! It was so fun to see her at Why I Believe last night and get that exciting news! She is so incredible!! It was also fun to see other investigators and recent converts that I taught in my last areas at Why I Believe! It was such a good night! I'll send pictures!

- Bernice is the BEST ward missionary EVER! She is seriously the best!

I hope I can be just like her when I get off my mission! She is such a huge blessing to us and is always willing to do anything to build God's Kingdom. I love her so much! Member missionary work is so important! Missionaries come and go in the ward, but the fellowship members make with those that are new in the church is so vital! I know the Lord is so proud of Bernice!

-Melody is doing fantastic! She came to church yesterday and we had a wonderful lesson about baptism! She set a goal to be baptized on October 9th! That was definitely a huge highlight from this week! Melody was so prepared for the message of the gospel. Bernice came with us and had really remarkable comments!

- Tara went to the Philadelphia temple open house and really enjoyed it. Her son is on a mission in Australia right now. She is not a member but when we visited with her after she went to the open house she told us that one day she wanted to enter into the temple with her son. She is so amazing and is doing so well!

- We stopped by some potential investigators houses this week. We met this guy that is from India. He was pretty much telling us his life story and how he felt a divine power a couple years ago. He said how he could feel that divine power often. He told us some things that happened in life and then mentioned how after that, he could no longer feel that divine power. He was so sad and we could tell that he felt hopeless. This was SO sad to see. We were able to testify to him that he COULD feel that divine power again. It gave us a wonderful opportunity to teach repentance. We told him how through the atonement of Jesus Christ, we can always feel His spirit (or divine power) within us if we are living in harmony with God's will! The spirit slowly sunk into him throughout the lesson. I love how the spirit guides lessons to those seeking to feel it.

I love you all! A scripture I love that I read this week is D&C 98:3, "All things wherewith you have been afflicted shall work together for your good, and to my names glory." I know that we grow through the hard times. I know that it is through those hard times that we really come to know our Savior and a glimmer of what He went through. I am so grateful for the mission I am serving. It is molding me and refining me every day through those hard times to become a better tool in the Lord's hands. I thought I knew all about the atonement before my mission, but it is on my mission that I have really been able to gain a deeper understanding of that principle. Never lose hope!

Sister Freeman
 It was Elder and Sister Fowler's (the Visitors' Center Director and his wife's) 50th anniversary!
 He gave all the sisters flowers! It was so adorable!

 Marty had a dinner where he invited some non member friends! His brother also came.
(They are slowly mending a relationship where they haven't spoken in years!)
They had to take the Angel Moroni off the temple to fix him up (he was getting rusty on the inside). We were so lucky to get a picture with him! Haha woo!

He is back up now!


 A family from Brazil came into the Visitors' Center and we got to take them around!
I told them how both my parents served their missions in Brazil and they were super amazed haha! They were a sweet family.
 Some of my previous companions with Sarah,
a daughter of one of our investigators in Gaithersburg!

DEANNA! It was so great seeing her!

Family picture ;) haha!  My two trainees! :)

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