Hello family and friends!
Today is crazy busy! We are getting Sister McArthur all packed and ready to fly home on Wednesday! We are going to miss her so much! Sister Shin and I will be together for another transfer in Bethesda! Yay!!

Update from Bethesda area:
Rachael is doing so well! When she came to church with us she kept telling us that this is where she needed to be. She texted us and told us how excited she was for her baptism! I really hope her family will allow her to make this special promise with God! Her parents are slowly having a softer heart to this idea! I know that it is because of prayer and fasting that this change has been able to occur in her
parents! Kenji and Gian are doing so well! Kadia, their aunt, said that their mom said that ever since they started to take the missionary discussions, they have been blossoming into young men and women. I am so excited for them! And for their special day in a couple weeks where they will enter into the waters of baptism!

Update from the Visitors' Center:
At the Visitors' Center, we were talking with a lady that came in that just got baptized a couple of months ago. We asked her about her conversion story and she said, "I didn't know what the spirit felt
like... Until I heard the story of Joseph Smith, I knew what it felt like and I could not deny it!" I loved what she said! I love how Joseph Smith was able to stand for what he knew and saw and never
denied it, even until his death. I am so grateful for the Church of Jesus Christ that was restored in these latter days through the Prophet Joseph Smith. I love getting to share the message of the
restoration every day!

With all the changes in our mission, something that is really being stressed is Obedience. I have such a strong testimony of Obedience and I know that if we obey exactly to the littlest of things, then
miracles will continue to flow into our lives. President Johnson sent us all an email that really hit me. Here are some things that I loved from it:
- Obedience brings perfection.
- "Some missionaries may suffer a bit as they learn this principle, as they bend their will to the will of the Lord, but oh what blessings will follow: there is nothing like a faithful, humble sister or elder
who has learned the principle of obedience" (Ezra Taft Benson).
- "When obedience to policies and rules ceases to be an irritation, and becomes your quest, you will be on the path to true discipleship and the authority you now hold will be accompanied by great power" (Elder Marlin K. Jensen).
- Obedience is the first law of heaven.
- As we are obedient we will have the Holy Ghost. I loved this! I know that what really matters as a missionary is being able to have the spirit with us so we can teach, and obedience is the
key that allows us to do that. Obedience is something that I will take from the mission and try my best to apply in my life at home!

Sorry a lot happened this week, but we have to get going! It is a busy P day! Love you all and I hope you have a great week! I'll send lots of pictures so it will make up for the short email!
Love, Sister Freeman 

 CLAUD!!! He is the cutest boy ever! He got baptized a couple months ago!! 
I talked a lot about his conversion story in previous emails!

 Sister McArthur's last Sunday in the Bethesda Ward!

Tara and her family! They are investigating the church!

JULIAN! He is a kid with special needs and has been so fun to get to know!

All the Visitors' Center Sisters! I love them all! They are so amazing!

Specialized training! Sister Shin got her I pad! 
She is doing so good with her training! I love her so much!

Here are some more pictures from the transfer! (Sent in a separate email.)
It poured rain... And our umbrella broke...

The Haitian family we are teaching!

The Burgeons (a senior couple that serves in the VC) made us all breakfast!


Our district.


We helped someone move.

Love my companions so much!  Another picture of Sister McArthur's last Sunday...

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