Random Text Picture!!

Just got this picture via text from a complete stranger!  This is so awesome!  Megan is at the Visitors' Center RIGHT NOW!!!

The mother of the girl next to Megan sent me this picture,
but she didn't say her name! Thank you kind stranger!
Here is the text conversation:
Me: Thank you for this picture! Who is this? It's fun to get news from my daughter!
Girl's mother: She's doing great!
Me: She LOVES her mission!!
Girl's mother: Mine is the second from the left, new RM from Korea.
Me: Ah that's so neat! Sis. Shin is from Korea but you probably already knew that!! So cool!
Girl's mother: Yeah they had a blast talking. Sis. Shin is from my daughter's greenie ward.
Me: Wow! It's such a small world in the church!
Girl's mother: Totally! We stayed much longer than we'd planned!
Me: I bet! Well thanks for thinking of me today!! Made my day!
Girl's mother: So many in Korea did that for me. It was always the best day!

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