Another Beautiful Facebook Surprise!

Scrolling through Facebook today, I stumbled on this cute mug!  Thank you Bernice Guity for first of all, feeding my daughter, and second of all, posting these pictures.  It is so amazing to see Megan as these activities are unfolding!  Megan told me that she loves Bernice!  Well I do too and needless to say, I've friended her on fb.  Megan says she does a lot for them and goes with them on a lot of their visits.  She has recently reactivated and LOVES the sisters, as you can see here!  I'm grateful to good people like Bernice who take care of my Megan when I can't!

Cute Megan enjoying some Korean BBQ!
(Iron Age Asian Grill in Rockville, MD)

 Similar pictures to these were in her letter that she sent on September 12th.
This one's funny!

Sister Shin is from Korea, so I'm sure this was a real treat for her!

Here is the facebook conversation I had with Bernice!

Mindy Smith Freeman: Aw there's my missionary daughter! Thanks for posting!!
Bernice Guity: You are so welcome!!!! We had a beautiful lunch today!!! We ended the day with the Sisters giving me a beautiful lesson on the Holy Ghost!!! What a sweet, lovely day!!!
Mindy Smith Freeman: This makes me so so happy to hear!
Bernice Guity: Your daughter is doing a great job here in DC, Bethesda Ward!!! She is a wonderful Sister Missionary!!!!!
Mindy Smith Freeman: I have serious concerns that she's not gonna get on that plane when it's time to come home! She LOVES her mission and everyone there!
Bernice Guity: No worries. She will come home. I know she misses you all so much!!!!

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