This MADE My Day!! (Mom)

What a fun surprise today!  I got my first random text message from a total stranger who met Megan at the Visitors Center.  She asked if she could take a picture with Megan and then send it to her Mom. What a sweet and thoughtful girl!!  I asked Megan her name and where she's from, but she didn't know.  (She talks to so many people every day, I knew it was a long shot asking...)  So between the Flakes texting a picture to this girl texting a picture... it has been a great week full of wonderful surprises and sweet people thinking of others.  There are GOOD people in this world!  And Heavenly Father is constantly ready to bless through these small and simple things!  Megan's mission has truly been a delightful blessing to me and our family!

By the way...I love the picture of the Savior in the background on the 
Sea of Galilee when He calmed the troubled waters!  This story in the 
New Testament is particularly important to me right now and is
becoming one of my favorite stories from the life of our Savior!!

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